PG, Coliving, and Hostel: Understanding the Difference

Moving to a new city for work or education or even to start over can be daunting. The living situation, in particular, can become stressful. The cost of accommodation in major cities can be quite a drain on the finances, especially if you are a student or if you are just starting work. These days, however, there are several options to pick from. Students and young professionals often pick PGs or hostels but co-living spaces are now becoming a popular choice. Before you pick, it is best to understand how a PG in Bannerghatta is different from a co-living space in JP Nagar or a hostel in Koramangala.

Paying Guest Accommodations (PGs)

Paying Guest (PG) accommodation is an arrangement where a house owner lets out or rents a room or a part of the home to a guest. The homeowner may also offer meals for a fee. PG accommodations were popular among young professionals in the past but it continues to be preferred by students staying away from home. It allows the guest to feel like part of the household. The guest is not responsible for paying utility bills or cleaning or cooking. The homeowner provides basic amenities but the guest may have to abide by the rules of the household.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is popular among students. While several colleges and universities offer hostel facilities, many private hostels are also available in large cities. Most hostels offer dormitories with several beds in a large hall or large rooms. The one drawback of hostels is – shared washrooms and facilities. Most hostels offer messes or dining halls with community dining. They also offer community entertainment rooms with television or board games but do not allow in-room dining or music systems. Hostels come with strict rules and regulations that must be complied with.

Co-living Spaces

Co-living spaces are preferred by young working professionals. These are apartments, flats, or houses that are rented by friends or colleagues. They come equipped with a common kitchen and a living space. The flatmates, however, have their own independent bedrooms. They usually employ a cook or a helper to clean and do the laundry. The utilities are also paid by the flatmates. Co-living spaces in apartment complexes and gated communities come with all the facilities and amenities that are enjoyed by homeowners in the complex. These could include swimming pools or gym facilities or security systems.

Which one should I pick?

All the three accommodation options – PG, hostel, and co-living spaces – come with advantages and disadvantages. It is best to weigh these before picking one. While hostels may provide great company and cost less, they also impose strict regulations. A PG in Bangalore with food may offer great security and comfort but may lack privacy. Co-living spaces come with many comforts but may be more expensive than the rest. Your-Space also allows you to look at photos, visit properties in person or on video calls and compare amenities before you pick a suitable living facility.

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