How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024?

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NMAT 2024 Preparation

To succeed in the NMAT 2024, candidates need to prepare the syllabus well. But to proceed with the preparation, it is very important to follow the right path that will help candidates with certain tips and tricks that will give a boost to the preparation. Strategizing the exam preparation journey helps candidates give their best during the meantime. 

GMAC, the exam-conducting body of NMAT, made certain revisions in the exam pattern in the year 2020. Since then, the paper has been divided into three sections each carrying 36 questions. Therefore, candidates need to know how they can devote their focus to these sections while managing their time. 

Hence, this post will help you guide how to prepare for the NMAT 2024 in order to score well. 

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1. Preparation Strategy for NMAT 20242. Free Preparation for NMAT 2024 on GMAC Official Website3. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Language Skills

4. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Logical Reasoning

5. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Quantitative Skills

1. Preparation Strategy for NMAT 2024

The NMAT test paper is divided into three major sections which are Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. These sections carry 36 marks each and candidates have to answer a total of 108 questions. The total time of the NMAT 2024 test is 2 hours. 

  • Go Through the Syllabus

The first thing even before preparing for the exam is to know your syllabus well. The topics that are going to be covered, every detail should be on your tips. Once you know the syllabus, it will become easier to study them in depth. 

  • Get Hands on the Basics

Your basics play a huge role in exam preparation. There are a lot of topics that you have already studied during your high school days. Yet you need to keep revising them to make them your strength. 

  • Know Your Weaker Side

It is very important to your weaker sides of the syllabus and start practising them more. This will help you give your best to those sections while answering the paper. Furthermore, it will help you prevent from losing marks on those topics. 

  • Solve Mock Tests

Practising mock tests acts as a revision before giving the final exam. Solving mock tests will help you identify which areas are your weakness and you can drag your attention to those areas and prepare them. 

  • Practise Shortcuts

As the time to solve the question paper is less and the questions are more, using shortcuts can help fasten the speed of answering the questions. 

  • Give Separate Attention to Each Section

As you may know, there are three sections in the NMAT 2024 paper. Each section carries completely different topics. Therefore, paying attention to every section and answering them as per their timing will help you prepare better. 

  • Excel your Stronger Side

While strengthening your weaknesses, don’t forget to keep revising your strengths. This will help enhance your performance during the question solving process. 

  • Take Care of Time Management

There are different timings for each section and the total time of the examination is 2 hours. Thus, managing your time plays an important role. As there is no negative marking, it is advised to skip the question where you feel stuck and answer the next one. Plus, giving more mock tests will help you know the exam structure and also help you manage time efficiently. 

2. Free Preparation for NMAT 2024 on GMAC Official Website

To get an idea of the structure of the NMAT 2024 examination paper, its governing body GMAC helps candidates by providing a free mock test. However, candidates will have to solve 108 questions in just 1 to 2 attempts. 

This free test practice is quite helpful while preparing for NMAT 2024 as it will help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them do the final revision before appearing for the free test. This preparatory test by the GMAC is called the official practice exam.

You can visit the GMAC website for the preparation test or click on this link: NMAT by GMAC™ (

After visiting the website, candidates should register themselves for the practice test. They must fill in the details such as their first and last name, mobile number, email address, and country code.

The first mock test or the practice test provided by GMAC is free. You can even solve two more mock tests. However, you need to purchase the additional two mock tests. This will cost Rs.899 plus taxes

3. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Language Skills

The Language Skills section in the syllabus of NMAT 2024 holds 36 questions that are to be solved within 28 minutes. The language skills sections consist of grammar and comprehensive questions. You need to be very sharp and quick while answering this section as there are more questions and less time. 

Here are certain tips that you can follow to effectively prepare for the language skill section for NMAT 2024:

  • First and foremost, examine the syllabus carefully to determine the subjects that need to be studied. Take note of your areas of weakness and strengthen your foundation before advancing to problem-solving and exercise.
  • Remain aware of your areas of strength and progress at all times. Ensure that you thoroughly understand the concepts that require additional conceptual clarity with each study and attempt.
  • Subscribe to those channels that can help you expand your vocabulary. 
  • Increasing your reading speed and expanding your vocabulary are crucial for the reading comprehension portion. Make sure you develop the habit of reading articles on a variety of subjects and keep up with current events across the globe.
  • There are instances when answering a question that seems to have extremely similar and closed-ended options. Try ruling out the answers you know are wrong rather than trying to figure out the correct one.
  • Start taking mock exams once you have studied the majority of the material on the syllabus to assess your level of readiness and determine which areas require additional study and practice.

4. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Logical Reasoning

Consisting of 36 questions, the candidate has to answer the Logical Reasoning section in just 40 minutes. The questions asked in this section comprise of decisions made from statements, deciding between both strong and weak disagreements, and detecting the root causes of a situation.

Let’s have a look at how to prepare for the Logical Reasoning section for NMAT 2024:

  • Take a deep breath and carefully go through all the questions. Take some time to analyse them. You have to be quick but just don’t rush into it. 
  • While reading through the facts, make sure to pay extra attention to words such as none, only, unless, etc. This will help you understand and answer the question with more precision. 
  • In order to arrive at the right response, try to rule out the incorrect possibilities on the basis of your conclusions.
  • Practising more and more questions can help you get better at predicting and evaluating data. 
  • Lastly, take note of your time while you answer the questions. This will increase your efficiency and also help you complete the paper within the given time limit. 

5. How To Prepare For The NMAT 2024: Quantitative Skills

Similar to the two sections mentioned above, the Quantitative Skills section also contains 36 questions that are to be completed within 52. This section covers solving mathematical questions such as algebra, geometry, data interpretation, modern maths, and more. 

Here’s how you can prepare and excel in this section for NMAT 2024:

  • Learn the shortcuts and formulas for the most commonly taught high school maths topics.
  • Your calculation speed is important to solve this section. Thus, to increase it, thoroughly go through and understand the basics of the concepts. 
  • Put extra attention to high-scoring topics such as percentage calculation, profit and loss, and geometry.
  • Give two to three mocks a full review each week, and take the time to examine them to identify any mistakes and opportunities for development.
  • Complete a variety of case studies about data interpretation in order to increase efficiency and precision.
In Short

Registration for NMAT this year will start soon. But with the current syllabus of NMAT, it become very important to have a hard-core preparation. The better the preparation, the easier it will be to score on the test. However, trying the hard way is not always the solution. Thus, with the above tips, tricks, and preparation methods, you should now have an idea of how to start preparing for the NMAT. For the latest updates on NMAT and other exams, keep visiting Your Space. Also, you can check out the syllabus for NMAT 2024 by clicking on this link:

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