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25 Marathi Words You Must Know For a Smooth PG Life in Mumbai
Aamchi Mumbai, popularly known as the city of dreams provides the best of all cultures and traditions. It’s said that Mumbaikars welcome the city dwellers with open arms and never let them feel lost. Moving out to a different city may feel like living a new life all over again. New friends, new culture, new opportunities, and a mix of emotions take over your mind. It’s exciting but scary and exhausting at the same time. If you are new to a pg in Mumbai and belong to a different city acing Marathi words as if you have lived in Mumbai for years can help you settle here easily!

So here’s a list of 25 Marathi words you must know for a smooth pg life in Mumbai-

     1) Bhau- Brother

This word is generally used to address any male stranger or someone who is like a brother figure. Like you use the word bro in English and Bhai in Hindi, similarly in Mumbai ‘bhau’ is used to show respect to a male person or refer to a stranger in a crowd. This word has some emotions attached to it so if you use this word while addressing any male person then it might create a good bond of respect between the two of you.

    2) Kasa Aahes?- How are you?

While entering your pg, you will be greeted by several new faces, initiate a conversation by asking for their well being using this word and reduce the language gap.

    3) Mi thik ahe- I am good

If anyone in your hostel greets you with the words ‘Kasa ahes’ for the first time, respond to them by ‘ Mi thik ahe’. It would leave an impression of you being a part of their culture and family and you would not feel that air of silence around you and people staring at you with strange eyes.

    4) Kuthe- Where?

Even in the era of Google Maps, believe me, you might struggle with finding a shop or nearby street. Well, you need not shy away from asking any stranger or shopkeeper for directions while you add the word Kuthe to your vocabulary.

     5) Thamba- Stop

While travelling in a rickshaw, you might spot your friend in the street, but how would you ask the rickshaw person to stop midway. Well, the word ‘thamba’ catches their ear faster than any other word. So just ask them to ‘thamba’ and save yourself from a long walking distance in the busy streets.

     6) Barr ahey- Looking good

What would sound more exciting than complimenting your friends in their mother tongue? Well, this word might save some spots for your name in their good books.

      7) Ho-Yes

Some casual conversations are stretched for hours until you seal them with a clear ‘yes’.  Whether it’s your friends asking for your help or your landlord inquiring if you are comfortable at the place, responding to them with a ‘ho’ might save you from confusion and arguments.

      8) Maaf kara- Sorry

Well, staying at pg you might get in a habit of breaking the rules, the only word that can save you from your warden’s anger is Maaf kara, just keep muttering it until her anger becomes ice cold.

      9) Basa- Sit down

While you are in a new place, people might come to visit you to see how you are doing. Well, you can tell them to ‘basa’ and have a short conversation with them.

     10) Tu ja- You go

Your new roommate might ask you to join them on an outing out of courtesy, but you have a ton of pending assignments with deadlines on the way, just tell them ‘tu ja’ when you are not in the mood for long conversations.

      11) Mavshi or Kaku- woman like mother

While living in a hostel, you might meet staff taking care of your daily chores, who might be your your mother’s age, addressing them by using the word ‘Kaku’ will give them the necessary respect and the feeling of home.

      12) Tai- Elder sister

In your pg you would meet people of different ages, some might be of your age and some may be older than you whom you cannot call by name. Greeting them daily with the word ‘tai’ might create a sister-like bond, whom you can frankly ask for advice and help.

      13) Barobar- Correct

While having a chit-chat with neighbours and friends you might hurt your neck nodding every time they pass a statement. The word ‘barobar’ acts as a saviour when you are stuck in a conversation where you have to agree with your friend’s opinions.

      14) Jevan – food

Well knowing this word is super important for foodies as you might accidentally decline the tasty food treat by your friend just because you didn’t know what it meant.

      15) Nav- Name

Well when you enter your pg for the first time, everyone will be curious to know your name. Don’t go in awe if they ask what’s your nav, just simply answer them with your name, and the cycle of name asking would continue until a new face becomes the next talk of the town.

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