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Manners and Etiquettes to Be Followed In A PG Accommodation

August 18, 2021 | 9:28 AM By Krutika Jain


When one moves into a PG for the first time, in most cases it is that phase of their life when they are leaving home for the first time. In Delhi itself, there are so many PGs in Greater Kailash surrounding popular colleges such as Lady Sri Ram or in the proximity of other South Campus colleges such as Gargi and Kamala Nehru College. There are co-living spaces, PG for couples in Delhi, PG exclusively for girls and boys as well – depending on the requirement and area one always tends to find a PG that suits them.

For those who have left their homes for the first time, this can be a bittersweet experience. Apart from being able to experience freedom for the first time, they also have to co-exist and respect their housemates & roommates who are strangers, to begin with.

Before renting a flat on their own, most teenagers and young adults prefer to transition via a paying guest as this offers meals and a more homely environment. It is also more affordable and preferred by students. In most PGs and housing options such as Your-Space, basic needs are taken care of such as security, meals, laundry, and housekeeping. However, no matter the comfort being offered, one must always be sensitive to the needs of their co-habitants. You must be aware that at the end of the day you need to peacefully coexist with the landlord and other roommates – there are some unspoken rules & etiquettes that must be kept in mind.

Respect for other housemates

This rule goes without saying. When you move into a PG, you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. They needn’t necessarily echo your thoughts and you need to respect that. Maintain some kind of boundary, do not become over-friendly at first. Some basic things show respect for the others – keeping your side of the room or area assigned to you clean, not leaving the toilet in a mess, being courteous, not talking on a loudspeaker, and not playing loud music. Other good habits include leaving dirty shoes at the door, collecting your fallen hair, and cleaning your mess after you. Do no use your roommates’ things without their permission and do not eavesdrop on their conversations.

Secure your possessions

When living in a PG, be it a PG in Greater Kailash or any other part of town, know that you are responsible for your belongings. It is best to not leave them around, be it anything – your watch, jewellery, notes, or any other valuables. All PGs provide some sort of safe space – either a locker or a wardrobe with a key for you to secure your stuff. If anything goes missing, it may put you and the rest of the PG members in a spot making it awkward to point fingers at anyone.

Maintain silence

No one will explicitly tell you this but this etiquette must be followed. It is basic manners to keep your phone on silent and walk out of the room to take a call. Talking boisterously and laughing hysterically may be disturbing to your roommate if they are studying for an exam or an interview. They may just be having a bad headache or a bad day. It is best to listen to music on your headphones and not blast the volume. In case you are an early riser, don’t make too much noise after waking up and avoid snoozing your alarm preventing it from ringing every 5 minutes – this can be very annoying for the person sharing the room with you.

Do not take up too much bathroom time

Chances are if this is your first stay in a PG or you are in a PG for couples in Delhi or any place else, the bathroom is common for all. Unfortunately, you cannot spend hours in the shower as you did back home. Especially during the morning hours, if everyone needs to get to work/college at around the same time, you need to be mindful of the rush hour and speed up things. If you feel you cannot have a time-bound shower then have it the night before or wait for everyone sharing it to be done. Do not leave the bathroom floor wet, leave hair around, or leave the toilet seat wet. Ideally, leave the bathroom the way you would want it to be when you enter.

Follow the PG Rules

When you move out of the house, you are at liberty to do what you want but some PGs have rules that may seem restricting. Either don’t choose a PG that curbs your freedom but if you do, follow the rules. Not following rules could lead to you being expelled. Since you are sharing the house, basic things like maintaining hygiene, judiciously using water and electricity, and not making too much noise will be expected out of you, no matter how lenient the house owners are.

A PG experience is one to experience, a few rules never hurt anyone!

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