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Make The Most Of Your Co-living Stay With These 7 Activities

August 19, 2022 | 6:49 PM By your-space
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One of the highlights of living in a co-living setup like ours as a student is that you always have company. From catching a movie to shopping for groceries, you can always ask one of your co-living buddies to accompany you on your adventures. If you are new to a city, it can get a little overwhelming and awkward to make new friends and that’s where the your-space comes in as the ultimate icebreaker. Spending time with other people at the pg not only helps you make friends but also allows you to learn new skills and explore new hobbies. While a lot is learned at college, interacting and living with people from different places helps tremendously in honing your communication skills. 

While a big city like Delhi has plenty to offer in terms of food, shopping and other attractions, there is plenty you can do to have a fun time even in your co-living space. Here is a combination of indoor and outdoor activities you can plan to make the most out of your co-living stay:

Spend Time at the Recreation Space:

your-space offers a dedicated recreational space across our pgs in Delhi to help you relax and network after a long day of studies or work. The recreation area allows you to interact with other people living in the same pg and you can even play board games with them to keep yourself entertained. On days you don’t feel like socialising, you can simply unwind with a book from the library available in the recreation room. 

Start a movie tradition:

Not only does watching a movie or TV show with your roommates help you relax after a long day, but the activity can also help you create good bonds. Once the initial phase of getting to know other people is over, you can start a weekly movie-watching tradition.

Learn a new skill:

Our co-living setup helps you interact with other people and more often than not, these new people might possess a skill or hobby that you have been trying to take up for a long time. Your roommate might be an excellent guitar player or someone might be a great cook and organizer, you will only find out once you interact with them. This will also help you learn a new skill or take up a new hobby while you live at the pg.

Film your co-living experience to share with the world:

If you are interested in getting yourself clicked and love sharing tidbits from your life on social platforms, you can easily do it while you stay in our pgs. Since co-living is a relatively new concept, you can create informative and entertaining reels with your fellow students to share on your social media. We are sure your followers will love this new take on content! 

Take a sightseeing tour:

If you are new to Delhi, you should explore the various monuments of the city with your co-living spaces during weekend breaks. Our single room pg in Hauz Khas and pg in Khirki Malviya Nagar are in proximity to various famous landmarks including Qutub Minar, Lodhi Gardens and Safdarjung Tomb. You can easily hop on the Delhi metro which is adequately connected to these famous landmarks and help you save up time and money you might spend travelling by road.

Hit the gym:

The importance of fitness should not be diminished while you are away from home. If you are lacking the motivation to hit the gym, you can ask your roommate to accompany you and hit those fitness goals at your-space in-house gym. 

Go on a shopping spree:

Our single room pg in Kamla Nagar allows you to explore the Kamla Nagar market easily with your roommate or other friends. Besides Kamla Nagar, Delhi has several markets including the famous Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar markets which are pocket friendly and suitable for students.

Our co-living setup makes your stay in Delhi comfortable and pleasant. Living in this setup helps you feel a sense of community and it is bound to become your home away from home. You can always pick from the above-mentioned activities to add even more fun to your stay. 

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