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Learning at Your Fingertips: Explore These Best Online Platforms

November 27, 2023 | 10:03 AM By your-space
Online learning


When change is constant, and knowledge demands are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the commitment to learning becomes a compass guiding us through the waves of progress. With modern-day technology, the pursuit of knowledge has transcended the confines of traditional classrooms. Today, it takes on a new form for college students, professionals, and others—one that fits snugly in your hands and is accessible at your fingertips.

The journey of learning, once confined to physical attendance and spaces, has transformed into online study platforms where the boundaries of time and location blur. Now, you can learn from anywhere, be it en route to work or living in a PG away from your home. Get ready to explore the realm of online learning, discovering the treasures it holds for those eager to expand their horizons.


Coursera stands as a leading online learning platform catering to the academic ambitions of both students and professionals. Hosting over 5,000 courses, 200+ esteemed institutions, and amassing a learner community of 77 million, Coursera is a beacon of knowledge accreditation. Its vast array of online degrees and certificates are crafted in collaboration with world-renowned academic establishments. The commitment of this online learning platform to excellence is evident in its focus on business-related and scientific disciplines, ranging from computer science to health sciences. As you navigate its virtual corridors, the promise of a transformative educational journey awaits—accessible, flexible, and accredited by the best.

LinkedIn Learning

Born from the merger of Lynda.com and LinkedIn, LinkedIn Learning is the epitome of quality in the online education realm. With a repository of 16,000+ courses tailored for over 700 million users, it stands as a platform of expertise and excellence. This online study platform shines in creative, business, and technology courses, with meticulously vetted instructors ensuring not just subject mastery but exceptional teaching skills. Boasting interactivity through quizzes, practice exercises, and microlearning videos, LinkedIn Learning provides a certificate that elevates your professional profile. While not accredited, the high-quality educational content serves as a catalyst for you to unlock new business opportunities and personal growth.


Udemy, a giant among e-learning platforms, offers a diverse array of 14,000+ courses for over 9,500 companies, specialising in skills-based training. With a focus on business, Udemy allows expert instructors to seamlessly share video-based courses, ranging from screencasts to talking head videos. While lacking built-in course creation functions, it compensates with a robust platform for tracking progress and analysing data, providing actionable insights for both learners and businesses.


Skillshare, a household name in online learning, caters to over 5 million learners with its 35,000+ courses, primarily designed for creative professionals. Specialising in graphic design, animation, photography, and more, Skillshare’s learner base seeks to elevate their creative prowess from the comfort of their locations, such as Malviya Nagar PG. What sets Skillshare apart is its emphasis on collaboration and social learning. You not only showcase your assignments but also engage in a vibrant community, exchanging feedback, inspiration, and questions. 


Crowned as one of India’s most valued EdTech startups, BYJU’S emerges as a cost-effective marvel in online education. With engaging content, including videos and interactive games, BYJU’S caters to 15 million students and boasts 900,000 paying subscribers. Offering a 15-day free trial period, BYJU’S seamlessly integrates NCERT solutions, mock board exams, and competitive exam programs, including IAS. Its live doubt-solving feature in BYJU’s classes adds an interactive layer to the learning experience, making it a transformative platform to learn from anywhere. 


As the largest online learning platform for multilingual education in India, Unacademy stands as a leader in interactive and live online classes. Boasting a network of 60,000 educators and 7 lakh active subscribers, Unacademy offers you unlimited access to courses crafted by top educators. Empowered by Unacademy’s array of features, including weekly mock tests, interactive live classes, and personalised study planners, education undergoes a dynamic transformation. A personalised journey that resonates seamlessly with the comfort and focus of your place of residence.


Toppr, a learning app for Indian students, was awarded the ‘Best Tech in Education’ award in 2019. With a focus on conceptual understanding through flexible and self-paced learning, Toppr caters to JEE aspirants with video classes, adaptive learning, and 24*7 live tutor support. The platform’s chat support for stepwise solutions and wide syllabus coverage positions it as a dynamic force in shaping your educational excellence. 

All of these online platforms offer a gateway to knowledge. It’s crucial to consider not only the virtual classrooms but also the physical spaces where your learning journey unfolds. your-space, offering premium PGs in Delhi, including  North Campus student accommodations and  Munirka PG room, is a testament to the belief that a favourable environment plays a pivotal role in shaping your educational experience.

Just as the online platforms empower your mind, your-space provides you with the perfect backdrop in the form of our hostel in Rajouri Garden and other top-notch accommodations. With thoughtfully designed living spaces inclusive of home-style meals, a well-equipped gym, a TV lounge, and a commitment to your well-being, we at your-space ensure that your off-screen moments are as enriching as your online ones. Let your-space be the anchor that makes your educational adventure truly exceptional. Book your stay in Delhi today by calling +91 8383027664! 


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