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Know All About Finding A PG In North Campus Delhi

December 7, 2022 | 6:52 PM By your-space
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Studying at the prestigious Delhi University is a dream for many Indian students and rightly so. Getting into the right college such as the one amongst many in the North Campus of DU, offers students the perfect kickstart for their career. Therefore students work hard day and night to crack their way into these colleges for a bright future ahead. However, getting admission is hardly the end of the journey rather it is the beginning of an exciting one. One of the major aspects of studying way from home at the North Campus would be to find the right and affordable accommodation for yourself. As much time as you will spend in college studying, attending classes or participating in extracurricular activities, you will spend equal or even more time at your accommodation.

In this case, it is only right that you find yourself the best PG that is affordable in North Campus Delhi. Since only a handful of colleges offer hostel accommodation and that too with various conditions, you will need to start looking for off-campus student housing aka PGs and this blog serves as the perfect guide for the same.

Do your Google research: If you are coming to live in Delhi and away from your home for the first time, the whole process of getting into college and thereafter finding a PG can become daunting. Luckily we do live in the age of Google where almost every piece of information is available with a few clicks. You can easily search for  PGs in North Campus and the search results will show you a comprehensive list of available ones including your-space. You can then compare the location, amenities and other aspects to find the best pick for yourself.

Decide on your budget: Almost all college courses in India are usually 3-4 years long and therefore a huge part of your expenditure besides your fees will be spent on your PG or any other student accommodation you opt for. Therefore, it is necessary that you decide on a budget and follow through it month-on-month. A realistic budget also helps you find accommodation in a locality that fits your pockets, whereas keeping the budget for the last minute will lead to hasty decisions and a ‘broke student’ status during month end in the long run. Deciding on the budget beforehand can also help you navigate whether you will live in a single room or share a room.

Check for location and convenience: Delhi has an amazing transportation system and all areas of the city are well connected. However, staying close to your college helps you save not just time but also a lot of money. North Campus PGs including ours at your-space are strategically located within proximity to the colleges with some properties being just 5 minutes away from the campus. If you do decide to stay in a PG in Rohini or another area, planning out the daily commute will also fall into your priority list.

Know about the amenities offered: One of the major reasons why students opt for off-campus PGs are the amenities that they provide. Your-space PGs offer all its residents top-notch amenities including WiFi, AC, housekeeping, laundry service, recreational facilities, a gym, home-style meals and more. You can pick different PGs present in the area and make a comparative list of the amenities they have available. Depending on the ones that look the best, you can make your choice.

Pick your non-negotiables: Safety, food and room-sharing can be just a few of the things that should be on your checklist when looking for accommodation near your educational institution. Make sure to know the details about these facilities such as how many meals are there in a day, what security measures are in place and whether any other PG have better ones or whether you will have the option of room sharing. Besides these, some other non-negotiables might include that the PG is fully furnished and has daily housekeeping, which your-space already has in place for you!

Pay attention to your contract details: Once you find a PG through a local broker or any other party, then make sure to pay attention to all the clauses before you sign the contract. From lease time to security deposit, everything should be available on the contract. With our PGs, however, you already have all this information at hand and all the contract details are transparent for you to know about.

Finding a PG in North Campus becomes fairly easy when you are aware of what you are looking for. We at your-space are just a call away in case you have any questions about our PG in Greater Kailash or any other property across not just Delhi but all over India. So just pick up your phone, dial +91 8447707093 and you will have your perfect accommodation in no time.

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