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25 Kannada words you must know to kickstart your hostel life in Bangalore
Many students move out of their comfort zone with huge expectations to kickstart their new city life, they wander all over the internet to become familiar with the city that is going to be their second home. You are probably one of them. We are familiar with your struggles while moving to a new city. One such struggle that is not often talked about is the difficulty in understanding the local language of the city. It’s simple but not easy. Today, we are going to introduce you with Bangalore local language, Kannada and a list of Kannada words to learn. But we will be making it easier for you by listing some easy Kannada words for beginners in one place.

25 Kannada words for hassle-free hostel life.

 1. Kannada Gothilla

 Meaning- ‘ I don’t understand Kannada’

This kannad words has been a saviour for all the non-natives living in Bangalore city. Adding the word  gothilla and its meaning  to your vocabulary would save you extra hours when you try hard to participate in any conversation but the language barrier ruins your efforts.

2. Yelli/ Yellige

 Meaning- where/where to

When youngsters like you shift to a new city, they struggle with the routes and the directions to reach their destination, and the worst part? Google maps fail to show the accurate path. The street locals and shopkeeper is of great help, just ask them ‘yelli’ and you would not have to stand outside the class on being late. Try to learn some of the best Kannada words as soon as possible.

3. Kodu/ Kodi

 Meaning- give

While staying away from your family at the hostel, you have to manage everything on your own. Dealing with the local shopkeepers and vendors might become difficult due to the language barrier. You would have a pleasant shopping experience if you become habituated to using basic Kannada words.

4. Yaaru

 Meaning- Who

Running late for your class? Save yourself from getting involved in long conversations by using basic Kannada language words to get a short and crisp response.

5. Yen/ Yenu

 Meaning- What

This word is counted among the Kannada common words. If in doubt or want any person to repeat anything, don’t shy away from using this word.

6. Yen Guru Yen Samachar

 Meaning- Hey bro, what’s up?

Whether it’s the first time you are meeting your roommate or chit-chatting with one of your Kannadigan friends, you would get to hear this word quite often, so this is among the easy Kannada language words to learn. This will help you mingle with the locals in the hostel.

7. Utta ita

 Meaning- Did you eat?

It’s always said that food bonds people of different interests or cultures. Your hostel friends might be flattered by your generosity and caring behavior if you add this word to your vocabulary list. You can use google to translate Kannada Words in English.

8. Channagiddini

 Meaning- I am fine

If anybody asks you (Hegiddera) how are you, answer them by saying ‘channagiddini’, it’s the most repeated word you will get to hear during your hostel life. The sooner you get acquainted with Kannada language, the helpful it will be for you. So, always try to learn more kannada words with meaning.

9. Jaasti

 Meaning- more

This is a simple word that is not counted among the kannada difficult words. Whether it’s the shahi biryani being served or your favourite cuisine, don’t regret asking ‘jaasti’ for your taste buds.

10. Eevu inglish mathanadutthira?

Meaning- Do you speak english?

While interacting with the native people of the city or any of your ‘Kannadiga’ friends, don’t resist asking this, otherwise, you would be compelled to stand still with a blank face and clueless expressions. Learn kannada words meaning in English and then remember it for your good student life.

11. Hegiddera

 Meaning- How are you?

 This word can be of great help to avoid awkwardness while conversing with unknown faces or breaking the silence in the room. These simple kannada words will help you out and you will not face the awkwardness.

12. Naanu meter rate kodthine

Meaning- I’ll pay by the meter

It’s your first day in the city, you may not be familiar with the auto fare. Your confused face might invite the auto wallahs to overcharge you. Learn this word to save some extra bucks.

13. Hoggala

Meaning- not going

Taking a leave from college and staying in the hostel for the entire day? don’t forget to inform your warden ‘ Hoggala’ College.

14. Ninna hesarenu?

 Meaning- What’s your name?

 Some names are confusing and hard to remember and while staying in a hostel, you may rarely find someone whom you can call didi or Bhai. So, better to learn this word than call out someone by the wrong name

15. Shubha Dinavagali

Meaning- Have a good day

This simple sentence can bring a smile to someone’s face. Whether it’s your college guard guiding you through the way or your hostel roommate bidding you goodbye, just greet them by Shubha dinavagali while leaving for college.

16. Namaskara


Being in the good books of the hostel in charge is not an easy job. Wishing her every morning with Namaskara might convince her to approve your request of staying out for some extra hours. There are many kannada words for beginners that you can learn.

17. Baruthi

Meaning- I know

In every city, there exist people who like to annoy others through their interruptions. Just tell them Baruthi whenever they try to give you unnecessary directions covering it up by calling you an outsider.

18. Naanu/num

 Meaning- Yes

Say Naanu whenever your roommate asks for your help, this can build your relations stronger and help you make good friends in the city.

19. Ninu/ Nim/Ni

 Meaning- You

You may not be in a habit of calling out people by their name, just refer to them by Ninu, if you want to have a conversation

20. illa

Meaning- No

This word is a saviour for you in a situation when your warden asks ‘ Did you break any hostel rules?’

21. Kelsa

Meaning- Work

Hostel life is a fun experience but you might get drowned under the pool of assignments. So, just tell your roommate ‘kelsa’ if she compels you to go out for a movie.

22. Banni/ Baraa/ Barappa

Meaning- Come

Never keep your warden or roommate waiting at the door. While you clean up the mess in the room, just ask them to ‘banni’ to save yourself from awful glares.

23. Nalle

 Meaning- Tomorrow

 When it comes to completing an assignment, ‘tomorrow’ is a student’s favourite word. Just tell your professor ‘nalle’ and you would not miss the movie day out you planned with your roommate.


 Meaning- How much

While you bargain with the local vegetables and fruit vendors, ask them ‘yeshtu’ before adding up the items in your bag

25. Hogu/ Haradu

 Meaning- Go

You can ask your roommate to ‘hogu’ whenever he/she offers you your favourite pizza while you are on a diet. Learning important phrases in Kannada will help you make your life easy.

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