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Is Staying in PG in Bangalore Safe for a Girl Student?

July 28, 2023 | 3:08 PM By your-space
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Every student’s primary concern is finding a safe and secure living place, especially female student`s. Paying Guest (PG) lodging is a common option in cities like Bangalore, where a sizable number of students from all over the nation travel to pursue their higher education. However, the safety issues with PG in Bangalore, especially for female students, create significant issues.

Your general well-being and academic experience can be significantly impacted by safety and security, which are important concerns. These issues can be addressed so you can choose accommodations with knowledge. Let us cover various topics related to PG in Bangalore, paying particular attention to security issues and the policies in place to provide a safe environment for your living.

Safety Concerns For Girls Students Looking for PG in Bangalore

  • Theft and Security Vulnerabilities: While living in PG in Bangalore, your top concern could be theft and security vulnerabilities. In some instances, PGs need the necessary security equipment, including CCTV cameras, secure entry/exit points, or gated access, which makes it harder for intruders to enter. Concerning incidents include theft from specific rooms or public spaces due to lack of security measures.
  • Harassment and Privacy Invasion: For female students living in PGs, harassment and privacy invasion pose serious safety risks. There have been reports of co-residents or anyone with unauthorised access to the PG premises harassing people. Unauthorised entry into rooms or common spaces and improper use of monitoring tools can all constitute invasions of privacy. Your safety and comfort may also be jeopardised by the absence of private spaces for them to use, including dressing rooms or bathrooms. All these are easily prevented by choosing a well-secured PG in Bangalore, such as those provided by your-space.
  • Poor Facility Upkeep and Emergency Preparedness: While living in PG in Bangalore, your safety needs to be improved by adequate facility upkeep. The safety of the residents may be in jeopardy because of difficulties with the plumbing, outmoded fire safety measures, or poor electrical wiring. Additionally, inadequate emergency response plans or a lack of understanding of evacuation protocols during emergencies like fires or natural disasters might put the kids’ safety in danger. Concerning situations include the lack of on-site medical support, delays, or inefficient responses to medical emergencies brought on by restricted access to healthcare institutions.
  • Location and Neighbourhood Safety: The area around the PG facility and its location can impact your safety. Residents of PGs located in hideous or poorly lit neighbourhoods may be more susceptible. Additionally, the absence of neighbouring transport options can be dangerous when you travel to and from the PG late at night.

Tips To Ensure Girls Shortlist A Secure Pg In Bangalore And Be Safe

Here are some tips to help you ensure that you shortlist a secure PG in Bangalore and prioritise your safety:

  1. Research and Background Check: You should perform an in-depth study on the various PGs in Bangalore, like Bannerghatta student hostels. You must also look for testimonials, rankings, and comments from former and present residents. Consult reliable sources, online discussion boards, or social media communities where students discuss their experiences. Check the PG’s registration and licencing with the appropriate municipal authorities as well.
  2. Pay a Personal Visit: While shortlisting your co living space, like co living space in Electronic City, you must pay a personal visit to the PG before making a final decision. This enables you to evaluate the location’s general security and safety. Examine the communal spaces for enough lighting, secure entry/exit points, operational CCTV cameras, and dependable locking mechanisms for the rooms.
  3. Facilities and Safety Measures: Enquire about the PG’s amenities and safety measures. You should inquire about the availability of emergency helplines, the presence of security guards or staff, and the existence of safety audits or regular security checks. Ensure that your chosen PGs, like Brigade Road PG rooms, have basic safety supplies like first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and find out about their upkeep.
  4. Neighbourhood Assessment: When you are looking for student housing near me while in Bangalore, you should assess the neighbourhood’s level of safety relative to the PG’s location. Consider aspects like lighting, accessibility to public transport, and adjacent amenities like shops and hospitals while researching crime rates. If you plan to go alone at night, pick a PG in a convenient and secure location.
  5. Personal Safety Measures: You can improve your security in your PG in Bangalore by using personal safety measures. Purchase a reliable lock for your room, use it constantly, and avoid giving outsiders your room key. When granting someone access to your room or personal information, exercise caution. When opening the door for guests or strangers, make a habit to use a peephole or door chain.
  6. Digital Safety: Put digital safety first when using Wi-Fi networks in the PG in Bangalore. You should ensure the network is encrypted and has a safe password. For your electronic devices and internet accounts, use secure, one-time passwords. Be careful while disclosing personal information online, and be vigilant for phishing or other internet frauds.
  7. Request Comments and References: You should actively speak with any current or past residents of the PG in Bangalore you are thinking about. Inquire about their personal experiences with safety and security. Their opinions can offer useful information and aid in your decision-making.
  8. Trust Your Instincts: When assessing a PG in Bangalore, trust your instincts and intuition. Consider other possibilities if something seems strange or causes you to have doubts. Your security and tranquillity should always come first.

Putting Safety First: Choosing a Reliable and Secure PG in Bangalore

To give you the final word, yes, staying in a PG in Bangalore can be safe for a girl student. By conducting thorough research, visiting the premises, and prioritising safety measures, girl students can find secure PG accommodations. While weighing your options, consider your-space, a reputable and secure PG provider in Bangalore that prioritises the welfare of its inhabitants. All their living accommodations, ranging from Bannerghatta student hostels, co living space in Electronics City to Brigade Road PG rooms, pass on security measures with flying colours. 

You can develop in a secure and encouraging atmosphere thanks to the commitment of your-space to extensive security measures and cutting-edge amenities.


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