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13 Steps to prepare yourself for a job interview

June 11, 2021 | 2:32 PM By Priyanka Sarangi


Where there is a will, there is a way. Yet, when you have a job interview, you have to pave your way. Job interviews are no joke. And it is necessary to prepare well for a job interview as a lot is at stake alongside battling nervousness, doubts, and tension while preparing for a job interview.

It has been observed that many times even the well-experienced candidates with impressive resumes and appreciable skillsets fail to make it. Cracking interviews at the biggest firms isn’t easy. Interviewers look for specific skill sets in you and hiring decisions are made on some of the wide arrays of parameters.

The pre-interview preparation is about knowing the job profile and about the company. Then there are some other aspects of the interview like self-confidence, communication, trust, etc.

Why is preparation important?

A job interview is a one-take show. There are no retakes. So, you want to be your best in an interview. That’s why preparation matters. Also, the first impression is the last. So the two most important reasons to prepare before a job interview are-

1. You want to get through and get the job
2. Make an impression

Here Are 13 Steps/Tips To Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview-

1. Analyze the job description and know what the company does

Before attending any job interview, the thumb rule is to do proper research about the company. Research doesn’t just mean the name and address, it means to keep yourself abreast of the recent product or services they might have launched, recent funding, and reasons for which the company might have been in the news recently. If you know these things, you are on your way to making a great impression. The reason to know these details is to answer promptly when asked by the interviewer and also make an impression about your keenness about the company and its affairs. Read the job description, roles, and responsibilities involved with the profile. Try to understand what the company expects from the job role. Analyze how your skills align with the job role. Remember, your goal is to impress the interviewer and establish trust about how your skills are in line with the job profile.

2. Prepare for remote interviews

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of companies have adjusted themselves to the remote working environments and the same goes for conducting interviews online. When it comes to attending an interview remotely, many aspects need to be checked on properly. Make sure to address the seemingly insignificant aspects associated with remote interviews, including a stable power resource for your desktop/computer, a good internet connection, shelving distractions, and adopting a professional tone while communicating.

3. Question yourself if the job profile fits you

Think, what you have done so far, what experiences you have earned and how it adds to the job role. That is when you weigh the job profile and how it takes you a step ahead in your career goals. Test all your career goals with the job profile. Only after then you will be able to decide if you are a good fit for this job and vice-versa.

4. Do your research on common interview questions

What would you like to know from a candidate if you were hiring for this position? What skills would you need a teammate to have to reach the objectives of the process? Do your research and then try to frame impressive answers.

Apart from job role-specific questions, prepare the following personal questions-

● Who are you and what have you done so far?
● What are your educational qualifications?
● Why do you want a job change?
● What value do you bring to this position?
● What are your strengths?
● What are your long-term career goals?

5. Practice with online mock tests and mock interviews

Overcome your anxieties about performance in the job interview by practicing mock interviews and tests. A few websites and online platforms provide interview questions along with answers. You can also watch the interview videos. Some Common questions about the job role, etc.

6. Keep your socials updated.

These days, social media plays a crucial role in making the first impression of the candidate. Linkedin comes first in this list because that is where the interview coordinators will go to glance at your career. Then there are good chances that your Facebook or Twitter handles will tell the interviewers how active you are, what causes you care about, etc.

7. Organize your documents

Always be handy with all your documents. It includes-

● Educational certificates
● Identification documents
● Updated resume
● Cover letter
● Experience papers
● Passport photocopies

8. Decide what makes you look good and professional

Not only should you prepare yourself but look presentable too during a job interview. Your attire is the first thing the interviewers notice. From your attire, they make a first impression of your professionalism.

Give importance to your hair, trim your beard, use a mild perfume, and choose the right accessories to go with your outfit.

9. Practice greeting the interviewer

Interviewers judge your confidence and politeness from the first-hand shake. So, always be confident, and greet the interviewer with a smile. It is the first step to beginning an interview with positive energy.

10. Be thorough with your resume

Tell the interviewer what your roles and responsibilities were in previous organizations. It is a good way to present how efficient you are and how you handle your responsibilities. Be thorough with your resume, because the first question in every interview mostly is, ‘take us through your resume’. The interviewer may also pick questions from old job roles, you should prepare yourself to answer them all confidently.

11. Practice etiquettes

Make eye contact while talking to the interviewer. Be polite while answering or even asking questions. Greet the HRs and interviewers and mind your body language.

12. Compose yourself

● Give short and simple answers.
● Don’t drive a conversation into complexity.
● Do not share or ask extremely personal questions during a job interview.
● Stick to professionalism.
● Be confident about your answers
● Never talk negatively about your previous employer
● Do not hesitate to say that you don’t know the answer or request some time to compose your thoughts.
● Never lie in an interview

13. Ask thoughtful questions when given a chance

Before ending an interview, the interviewer asks you if you have any questions. Take notes of important things during the interview and compose your questions based on these. Clear your doubts about the company, the position, or anything else when asked.

Conclusion – Follow these 13 tips and make your way through your dream job. Tell us in the comments what you think about these steps and how you deal with job interviews!

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