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Internships, Freelancing and More: Ways to earn some extra bucks as a student
It is no secret that everything around us is becoming more expensive each day. The brunt of the rising prices for transportation, groceries and rent is being faced by all but especially students who have moved out of their homes to pursue their higher education. While being ‘broke’ as a student has been a subtle norm for generations, it should also be taken into consideration that in this day and age we have unlimited access to resources which were not available a few years back. So if you are not making the most of the unlimited WiFi access at your student flats in Delhi or the cafe near your place, you are, without a doubt missing out on earning a few extra bucks every month.

Working part-time as a student is not only a means to earn money, but the experience also looks great on your resume as you look forth to starting your career. While working to pay the rent or pay off student loans is a common practice in western countries, India is still catching on with the trend and you can be a part of the wave by taking up either of the methods mentioned below! 


Paid Internships:

Internships are a great way to know about your interests and at the same time earn money. Even educational institutions themselves help students get summer internships relevant to their field of interest and study. You can hop on websites such as Internshala to search for internships and if you don’t wish to travel, you can always opt for the remote options available there. Several companies look forward to hiring freshers and college students and even pay them well. The most remarkable bonus of a paid internship is that it adds value to your CV.


An option that offers you flexibility, freelancing is a relatively easy method to earn money. You select the time and days you want to work so that it doesn’t hamper your college routine either. The easiest way to start your freelancing journey is by creating a dedicated account on platforms such as Fiverr. Freelancing is a great way to build your creative portfolio too. 

Participate In Surveys:

You are done with your final exams and now have a lot of free time. One way to occupy your time would be to search for paid surveys that companies host all over the internet. A lot of companies even pay up to $5 for one single survey which is not bad considering the questions are relatively generic and the whole process does not require much effort.

Try Content Writing:

If you are a marketing student, then you might surely have heard the phrase - “content is king”. Today every business is present on the internet and the demand for content is not slowing down anytime soon. If you can pen down articles, blogs, and listicles or proofread quickly and at the same time maintain quality, you will find plenty of content writing opportunities some of which pay per word and have hefty requirements. The more you write, the better you will get!

Data Entry Jobs:

This part-time job is an easy one present in the market and doesn’t require too many technical skills besides basic knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office. The learning at this stint won’t be too high, but it is a good opportunity to learn Excel and other Office tools that can help you further down in your career. Additionally, this job is easy to find and pays you enough for a few hours that you might invest in it.

Social Media Designer:

If creating posts online or designing interests you, then you can easily start your journey as a graphic designer. While graphic designers have more technical skills, you as a social media can start by creating social media posts for Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn for small businesses. You can simply use free tools such as Canva to create the posts and once you get the hang of it, you can move on to more professional software such as Adobe Photoshop. Besides designing posts, you can also try your hand at writing captions that go along with them. 


A pretty buzz-worthy term, drop shipping can help you earn extra bucks as a student right from the comfort of your home. The process is pretty simple wherein all you have to do is create a Shopify account, and a website, find suppliers and Shopify executes the rest of the process. 

While earning money as a student can be of great use, before you get started it is also important that you are settled into your dream college and the new city comfortably. We at your-space aim to provide you with affordable stays at our Greater Kailash rooms for students, budget-friendly PG in Kailash colony and PG in the north campus in Delhi and several other locations of the country. So while you hustle towards your dream, we cheer you ahead!

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