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How to Plan Your Study Schedule Effectively?
Check out this article for tips on how to plan and track your study schedule so that the quality of your work doesn't suffer.

Analyse your learning style

You should prepare a schedule that is effective and helps you acquire knowledge in a short time. There are many different types of learning styles, so it is important to identify which one(s) you have so that you can tailor your study schedule accordingly. You should find a learning method that is effective for you and stick to that for yielding the best results.

Evaluate your commitments

Look at your schedule and see what is left to be done. If you have too many commitments, you might feel overwhelmed and feel like your whole day is sucked into studying. You might have several other commitments, especially if you are living in a PG near St. Xavier’s. Therefore, the best thing to do is fulfil your commitments at a set time quickly and use the rest of the time for studying effectively.

Plan your study time for each class or subject

You can plan your study time based on the duration of the lectures. An efficient way to plan is by making an Excel spreadsheet to track this and see how much time is required for each subject or class. This ensures that you don't miss a class. If you are living in a PG near Sophia, you will get more time for studying than day scholars who lose many hours travelling.

Study at a set time and at a consistent place

You might want to study in your room or common room if you are living in a PG near Wilson College. Otherwise, you can try to study in an empty classroom. However, studying at a set time and at a consistent place helps you develop a habit. And this habit will make it easy to remember when to start and stop studying.

Set realistic goals

Another problem with studies is that some students set unrealistically high goals for themselves. Just because you want to become a doctor, engineer or any other type of professional does not mean you have to study all the time. Let your hobbies and other interests be the basis for your goals and plan accordingly. 

Find a study buddy or group, if it works for you

There is nothing wrong with choosing to study in a group as long as you are able to keep the quality of work high. However, it can be more distracting than helpful sometimes. So, if you are having problems with studying in groups, then it is best to study alone.

Keep track of your progress

Keep track of your progress by recording your grades, how much time you spent on each subject, etc. This will help you identify which study pattern works best.

Planning your study schedule effectively will help you achieve good grades and ultimately the career of your choice. If you are moving to Mumbai, you should also ensure that you find a good PG that is comfortable and close to your institute. We have many such options for you to explore and make a choice. 

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