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How to Make Your University Experience the Best?

May 20, 2022 | 2:58 PM By Your-Space
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Being a fresher at a university comes with a lot of mixed emotions. It is overwhelming, exciting, and anxiety-causing at the same time. And to add to that, you will be given so much advice about the dos and don’ts to make the experience worth it. You must have already learned about orientation week and the first few days being the toughest; some people say it is easier to make friends, some say otherwise, some say people hate the food, some rave about their college canteens, and, yes, accommodation. University students live on a shoestring budget, and their accommodation and PG stories are no less than horror stories. 

Well, forget that issue as we at your-space, take care of your accommodation needs. Whether it is a PG in Andheri or a PG in Kurla, a double sharing, or a single room PG in Mumbai, we have options in all key areas and budget types. Out PGs and hostels are the perfect places to spend your university years in a comfortable, secure, and high on hygiene environment. We have also ensured that in all major cities such as Mumbai, where traffic is a big deal and is literally known to make or break one’s experience in the city, our PGs are situated in close proximity to the famous institutes. This is why we have a your-space PG near ISDI, PG near Whistling woods, PG near Pearl Mumbai, and other such strategic locations. 

Here are a few tips to make your university experience nothing short of amazing:

  • Pick the right hostel and PG

PG in Andheri Mumbai | Best Paying Guests

Whether it is a single room PG in Mumbai or you want to share an apartment with a bunch of friends, do your research correctly. If your stay in the city is not sorted, it can really dampen the experience. Coming home to dingy and unsafe areas in a new town is not recommended. Choose an accommodation that provides the required amenities, enhances your life as a student, and is comfortable to live in. Security is key when you shortlist a place to stay. 

  • Mingle with a wider variety of people

Making friends is necessary and not that difficult, but we tend to stick with people from our course, our roommates, or any society we are a part of. This may limit your circle. The best thing about university is the new experiences you try out with people from all over. It will widen your perspectives, and you will understand new opinions and different ways of life. University is where you meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, and aspirations – stepping out of your bubble will make the entire experience worthwhile. 

  • Don’t suffer from FOMO – everyone’s university experience varies

Marks jihad' comment is new low in midst of cut-off highs at DU

Credit:- News 9 Live

Shows and sitcoms may have taught you what a conventional university experience would be like – lots of parties, heartbreaks, dating, takeaway food, becoming besties with your roommates and still topping. While the movies may make it seem like a breeze, they may not be so in reality. Lots of courses have compulsory attendance and regular tests, so you might find yourself studying throughout the year. You may not find yourself at a club each night, and you probably won’t even get along with your roommate. Go in with no expectation and let things work themselves out. Setting certain expectations about how college is meant to be will invariably let you down. You enjoy what you do and don’t have FOMO!

  • Get into a routine

It can feel amazing not to have a routine when you first start university. Especially if your course is light with limited classes in a day, you tend to utilize the remaining day the way you fancy. And since you are not in school anymore and don’t have a strict timetable to adhere to and are away from your parents for the first time in your life, you probably may misuse this freedom. Sleeping at 5 a.m. and waking up at 2 p.m. – but you are missing out on so much. If you have free time, use it productively, so you don’t find yourself scramming right before the exams. Join a club, get a part-time job, and generally be productive so you can enjoy the weekends. Don’t sleep your time away. 

  • Be on the lookout for opportunities

Look out for opportunities by setting Google alerts, regularly checking the notice board, and going through emails from the student union or college. There are widespread opportunities that are open to students, such as a great internship at a really cool company, student discounts on travel or other products, extra classes, interviewing with and joining youth organizations, volunteer work, guest lecturers, college fests, elections, etc. Be alert, and do some research to access these opportunities. 

  • Work part-time 

Being a student in a city away from your hometown can be expensive. Working part-time can be a very valuable experience. It can be absolutely anything – taking tuition, helping people with CV writing, working in a cafe, or doing a project with a company relevant to your future career. It not only looks great on your CV, but also gives you some pocket money to pamper yourself. 

  • Overcome the impostor syndrome

Sometimes one gets intimated by the brilliant minds studying with them and suffers from something known as the impostor syndrome. This is basically when one feels that they don’t deserve to be there and have not earned their achievements. Then one feels less confident and doesn’t even ask questions during lectures, fearing that people may think they are dumb. They don’t share their opinions and refrain from participating in discussions and debates. One mustn’t get into this impostor syndrome. You are as deserving as any other person in the class and have rightfully earned your position at the university. 

  • Become familiar with your lecturers

Last but not least, building a rapport with your teachers will definitely enhance your university experience. While most students often neglect this, they should, in fact, try and do the contrary. Especially those teachers who are approachable will have a lot to guide you about and help you understand more about the subject. This does not mean taking them out for a meal but, in general, catching up after class, getting feedback about your essays, discussing career opportunities, and working on your dissertation. Most lecturers are ex-industry people and have precious insights to offer. Catching up with them now and then can really hone your university experience.

Everyone has a bittersweet experience when they leave homes for the first time to go to university, but in due course of time, a university can be the best thing that has happened to you. It provides an unparalleled growth opportunity, both personally and socially and prepares you for the future. Don’t waste away these three-four years of your life and try and make the most of them. 

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