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How To Make The Most Of Your Experience Living In A PG In Jaipur

April 28, 2023 | 4:47 PM By your-space
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The city of Jaipur is rich in culture and history. Its rich historic past, vibrant atmosphere and delicious cuisine have made it one of the leading tourist destinations in India. Besides being a leading vacation spot, Jaipur is also home to numerous prestigious education institutes, including Manipal University, Jaipur National University and Pearl Academy. The presence of such amazing colleges and a superior standard of living attracts students from all over the country to come to Pink City to pursue their higher education and further start their careers.

PGs have emerged as one of the leading accommodation options for students living in Jaipur. These new-age student accommodations, including your-space single room PG in Jaipur and boys PG near Manipal University, are well-equipped with numerous necessary amenities. If you are already living in a PG in Jaipur or are looking forward to it, then here are a few useful things to keep in so that you can make the most of your experience.

Choose The Right PG For You

There are many PGs in Jaipur that cater to different needs and preferences of the residents. Some of them are gender-specific, some are co-ed, some are located near educational or commercial hubs, some are close to public transport or metro stations, some offer food or laundry services, some have AC or Wi-Fi facilities, and so on. You should do your research and compare the options before choosing the one that suits you best. Luckily, your-space covers all of these aspects and even goes beyond with its prime location near important educational institutions and top-notch facilities.

Make Friends

One of the best ways to make the most of your experience in a PG is to make friends with your roommates and other residents. Living in a PG means you are living with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. You can also, more often than not, meet people from your own university and college who might share the same interests as you. Interacting with them can broaden your horizons and provide you with new perspectives. You can catch a movie with your roommates or go exploring the many cafes that are peppered across Jaipur with them. Having friends in your PG can also help you cope with homesickness and make the transition to a new city easier.

Explore Jaipur

Jaipur is a city that has a lot to offer. From its rich history and culture to its food, there is something for everyone in Jaipur. Make sure you take the time to explore the city and its surroundings. Joining a local club or group can also help you explore the city and make new friends. You can easily utilise your weekends by touring the renowned Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Birla Temple, and the various interesting food spots available in the city. You can also plan a day out with your friends or roommates where you can act like a tourist and get to know Pink City on a personal level.

Participate in Events

Most PGs, including your-space organise events and activities for their residents. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities to get involved and meet new people. Participating in events like game nights, movie screenings, and cultural events can help you create lasting memories and make your experience in Jaipur more fulfilling. It will also help you network with other residents and get to know them better on a deeper level. If you are new to the city or have switched accommodations recently, then participating in such events can act as the perfect icebreaker that you will require to get to know the people who are living around you.

Keep Your Room Clean

Your room is your personal space in the PG, and it’s essential to keep it clean and tidy. Make sure you clean your room regularly, dispose of your garbage properly, and keep your belongings organised. This not only makes your room more comfortable to live in but also shows respect for your roommates. You can also go a step further by decorating your room. You can improve the aesthetics of the space by getting a plant, adding fairy lights or getting some cute accessories for your desk.

Make Use Of The Amenities Available

PGs are replete with amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, unlimited WiFi, TV lounges and recreation spaces. Some PGs even have in-house gyms or fitness centres. Making use of these amenities helps you save up on time and energy so that you can concentrate on your academics. Also, you can keep your health in check by eating home-style meals available at PGs and hitting the gym for a few workout sessions.

Living in a PG can be a unique and enriching experience if you make the most of it. With these habits, you can create a comfortable and memorable experience living in a PG in Jaipur.

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