How to Have the Best Day in Kamla Nagar

April 28, 2022 | 1:19 PM By Your-Space
kamla nagar

Kamla Nagar is a shopping and eating paradise for college-going students. For those who live in a PG in Kamla Nagar, a PG near Kamla Nagar, or study at North Campus, Delhi University, consider yourself blessed for being in such close proximity to this affordable yet happening place. 

Many students come from all over the country each year to study at the coveted Delhi University, North Campus. If you are looking for a luxury PG in Delhi or any other location such as a PG in Kamla Nagar, Delhi,check out our your-space accommodation options. Our PGs in Delhi are comfortable, affordable, safe, and provide all the amenities to ensure your stay away from home is enjoyable. 

Once college starts and you get into a routine, do not forget to visit the popular Kamla Nagar market close to the North campus. 

Clothes, cosmetics and footwear galore!

From modern foodstuff and old-school eateries to clothes, cosmetics, and footwear, Kamla Nagar has you covered for everything under the sun. If you have moved into the city, step out from your hostels and PGs in Delhi and head over to this shopper’s paradise that is buzzing with the energy of youngsters and hawkers, alike. You can have the best day here. 

Start your day by indulging in some of the street food delicacies that this market boasts of. These are not popular food chains but have risen to fame because of their unmatched taste. The places you won’t find in any other part of Delhi are Dolma Aunty momos, Chacha Di Hatti Chole Bhature, and Zaika Muradabadi restaurant. 

Food joints

Expect these food joints to be crowded at any point in the day. You can eat to your heart’s content because the food is not only delicious but also quite reasonable, which is why it is so popular among the youth of Delhi. Get your share of jalebi, kachoris, and even fast food from KFC, Dominoes, Subway, McDonald’s, and Berco’s. 

Trendy shoes

Now that you are satiated, take a walk around the market. For those of you looking for shoes, Kamla Nagar is your go-to destination! Stores such as Delco shoes, Stelatoes, and Calcetto have a wide range of budget-friendly options for every occasion. These shops have an unbelievable stock of sandals, flats, sneakers, loafers, and formal shoes for both men and women. 

Go shopping clothes and accessories

For the girls, there is no dearth of shopping options here. The spherical roads at Kamla Nagar are scattered with both branded and unbranded clothes and fashion accessories. If you have a college party to attend, worry not! Head over to Kamala Nagar and get your stash of cute trinkets, trendy and fashionable outfits, cosmetics, fashion bags, and other stuff. You will discover all the latest trends on display; don’t underestimate this market for being last season, just because it is pocket friendly. 

The boys needn’t worry because they too can whip up some smart outfits from all the options available to them. This fusion wear paradise has smart clothing for everyone. Make sure to wear your bargaining caps when here, because you will have to haggle with the street vendors. 

Hidden gems

The hidden gems for clothes and jewellery are Rajhans handloom centres, Funky, Vikas and Rahul jewellery shop, Bag point, and Khanna store. 

After your clothes are sorted, head over to some of the Korean stores here. The market may not have the popular Miniso but it does have other great Korean retail outlets like Ximi Vogue and BECCOS. Their collection is as exciting as Miniso’s, if not better. These places are perfect for cutesy things like tiny electric fans, make-up brushes, sheet masks, keychains, adorable bags, and other exciting stuff.

Phone covers

If you have some extra time, give your phone a makeover with a cute phone cover or pop socket. You will find a plethora of options starting at Rs. 100 only! For the book lovers, head over to Book Land and immerse yourselves in their diverse collection of books. 

With all the heat, and so much shopping, grab a chilled lemon soda or an ice cream sundae and call it a day!!

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