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How Affordable is Pune for Students Living in PG Hostels?

July 29, 2023 | 1:59 PM By your-space
pg in pune


Pune, dubbed the “Oxford of the East,” has long been a popular choice for Indian students pursuing higher education. This dynamic city is home to many famous universities, colleges, and institutes and has a strong educational history. Pune attracts students from all over the nation looking for a top-notch education and a supportive learning atmosphere.

The affordability issue must be understood because it directly impacts students’ financial planning and their entire experience in Pune. Understanding the cost of living and the availability of affordable co living in Pune options can help you make wise judgements and manage your funds efficiently while pursuing your studies.



Transport is a key component of student life in Pune because it allows you to move about the city. The primary factor determining how much it will cost to travel is the form of transportation you choose. Most forms of public transportation, including buses and ridesharing services, are available at more reasonable prices. You should budget approximately 1,500 rupees per month to cover the public transport expenses of PG in Tathawade or nearby places. This sum is sufficient to cover the fare for taking the bus or a shared auto-rickshaw daily to commute to school, libraries, or other locations.

Household Expenses

If you are living in coliving rooms, like Karve Nagar rooms, you will incur specific costs related to maintaining the room. These include groceries, gas for the cooker, cleaning materials, and any other necessary items. In Pune, the typical amount spent on monthly home costs is nearly 3,000 Rupees. However, it is essential to remember that this number can change depending on your lifestyle choices and food preferences.


Additional costs to consider while living in student housings in Viman Nagar or other housing are monthly utility bills such as electricity, water, and internet service. You can anticipate that your monthly expenses will total approximately 2,000 Rupees. This amount is sufficient to cover basic utilities and a reasonable internet package. It is important to remember that your bill can change depending not only on your usage patterns but also on the particular service providers used.


When you are co living in Pune, you are directly entering a bustling lifestyle with a variety of options for entertainment and leisure. When they have free time, students frequently like to dine, see films, or participate in other leisure activities. An allocation of approximately 1,500 Rupees is fair for the costs associated with maintaining your lifestyle, even though the specific costs can change based on the your preferences. This involves dining occasionally, purchasing movie tickets, shopping, and participating in various other recreational activities.

Paying Guest (PG) Rent

The price of PG accommodations is highly variable and can change depending on several criteria, like the location, facilities, and amenities that are supplied. You should anticipate spending anywhere from Rs 7,000 upwards per month for a good co living in Pune. However, it is essential to remember that the price range can vary greatly based on the location and the amenities offered. Luxury or premium PG hostels tend to have higher rental rates due to the increased demand for their accommodations.

Local Transport

Aside from the commute you make each day, you may occasionally rely on taxis or ridesharing services for longer distances or special occasions far from your place of co living in Pune. Taxis normally charge about Rs 30 per kilometre, whereas ridesharing services could provide slightly more affordable prices per kilometre travelled. When you are organising your budget for occasional travel or transit demands beyond their daily commute, you should consider such expenses.

Fuel Consumption

If you own a vehicle or want to use one while co living in Pune, the fuel cost must be factored into your budget. The fuel cost is subject to change according to the price of fuel on the market. It is recommended to keep an eye on the fuel price at all times and anticipate how much fuel you will need depending on your specific travel needs.

Overhead Expenses

General upkeep and administration expenses are essential when planning your budget. These include recharging your mobile phone, purchasing personal care products or stationery, or paying unanticipated expenses. While co living in Pune, you should save approximately 3,000 Rupees every month to cover such costs. However, this number can change depending on your spending patterns and lifestyle choices.

Experience Affordable and Quality Living in Pune

Pune provides students pursuing their educational goals with an interesting and dynamic environment. While many variables might affect the cost of living for students, the cost of co living in Pune is one that you might be concerned about, but not if you pick your-space. your-space is a dependable and trusted option for student housing, thanks to its devotion to delivering cosy and well-equipped living spaces.

From PG in Tathawade and Karve Nagar rooms to student housings in Viman Nagar, your-space satisfies the needs of diverse college students who come to Pune. your-space ensures that you can concentrate on your academics while enjoying a comfortable and economical living experience in Pune by providing a variety of amenities, well-maintained facilities, and a friendly community. So, if you’re heading to Pune, consider exploring the offerings of your-space to find the perfect PG accommodation that meets your needs and budget.

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