Holi Prep Tips to Have Maximum Fun

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Hostel ki Holi’ has its own charm and this year, especially so. The last two years have been very tumultuous for most of us and we have not been able to enjoy the festive fervour as we should. All we could do was sit at home and reminisce about the good times and video call our families and friends. This year thankfully will be a tad bit different.

While we are still not advised to go all out and play at huge gatherings, celebrating Holi within our close circles with a few friends and family can bring us the same joy. During hostel life, our roommates become our best friends and the people living in the PG, our family. Holi at the hostel is a whole new experience – waking up early to fill balloons, throwing colour on each other, and basically getting down and dirty – no holds barred; it is an experience we all must live.

A tad bit of dirt, lots of colour, sweets, thandai, and lots of love make Holi in the hostel unforgettable. While some of us prefer easy colours like gulaal, others can go a step further and use some paint colours that become difficult to remove and could be harsh on the skin. Here are a few Holi prep tips that will help us enjoy the festival of colours without any worries.

Holi Preparation Tips:

Stock up on some food to eat and beverages to drink

Most shops are shut on Holi and restaurants don’t deliver until the second half of the day. For those who drink alcoholic beverages, Holi is a dry day so stocking up on what you need a day or two before will make sense. Before Holi, order in some food, sweets, drinks, and colours that you will need on the day of the festival.

Keep some old sheets and clean towels handy

Holi can get rough at times and people throw colour that can enter your eyes. Keep some fresh and clean towels handy to wipe your eyes or mouth if colour enters them. Not everyone showers right after playing Holi, they like to sit around and chill. Place newspapers or old sheets on your couches/ beds so people can sit with ease without dirtying them.

Holi Skincare Tips 

Don’t let the fear of your skin getting damaged prevent you from having an amazing time. If you prep your skin before playing it will be able to handle the harsh effects of the Holi colours.

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Hydrate your face

The most important thing to do before stepping out to play Holi with colours and paints is to put some hydrating cream on your face. Use a good moisturizer and then a waterproof sunscreen lotion – these act as a barrier from the colours, sun, and heat. Put this in at least half an hour before stepping out. Some even recommend using a layer of almond oil or coconut oil instead of moisturizer.

Moisturize and paint your nails

Holi colours can accumulate inside the nails and cuticles and also stain the nail bed. The worst thing about these colours getting onto your nails is that they take forever to come off. It looks very unprofessional to have such nails at college or your workplace. To prevent this, oil your nails, trim them and apply nail polish to prevent them from staining.

Protect the body

Most of us end up focusing on our faces and forget about our bodies. The skin under the clothes is also prone to damage by colour and harmful sun rays. Your body should be hydrated as well. Take a quick shower and then apply oil or moisturizer to the body. Try and wear full-sleeved tops and cover your legs as far as possible to minimize damage. Use sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body.

Protect your hair and eyes

Oil your hair well before you start playing. Ideally, cover it with a bandana or a scarf. For your eyes, sunglasses are the best option. They are very useful during Holi celebrations as they minimize the chances of colour going straight into your eye. Eye damage can be irreversible so wearing shades is advisable. Not only do bandanas and sunglasses make a style statement, but they are also very useful.

Try not to stay in wet clothes for too long 

Another precautionary measure to follow this Holi is, not staying in wet clothes for long. Firstly, prolonged exposure of the skin to wet material can cause rashes and infections. Secondly, the longer you stay in wet coloured clothes, the more chances there are of the colours seeping into your skin, making it difficult to remove.

Keep yourself hydrated

We never forget our water balloons and water guns to throw water at people. Just like that, do not forget to carry a bottle to quench your thirst. Since you will be playing in the sun, hydration is very important. Keep sipping on water from time to time- carry your own bottle.

Dress to have fun 

Wear some light colour clothes so the colours actually show on them. Wearing a kurta pyjama or a salwar kameez is not only fashionable for festive dressing but also comfortable and each of them ends up protecting most part of your body.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the true spirit of Holi. Holi in hostels will never let you down, especially in your-space hostels where you feel like you are in your home away from home. Whether you are in our PG in Koramangala, PG in Banerghatta, or any your-space PG in Bangalore, we promise the same homely feel through our fully furnished, amenity-packing housing options. We take care of your comfort, security, safety, ensuring that you can enjoy a new city to the fullest. We are also known for community bonding through festival parties so Holi will definitely not be a letdown at our PGs and hostels. If Bangalore is the city you want to be in, check out our double and single room PGs in Koramangala, Bannerghatta, and Richmond Town.

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