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Here’s how you can find PGs in Pune as a working professional

December 21, 2022 | 10:44 PM By your-space
pg for working professional


You have finally landed your dream job in the vibrant city of Pune and now all that is left to do is find the perfect accommodation. This bit of the task is fairly simple if you know where and what to look for. The presence of numerous prestigious educational institutes and corporate establishments such as TCS, Infosys and Accenture make it a home to a large number of young professionals. It is due to the same reason that the city also is extremely welcoming of contemporary culture while staying in touch with its traditional roots. Once you find the perfect place to stay in Pune, you can also explore the city’s fun-filled nightlife, numerous restaurants and fun recreational activities. 

To make your task of finding a PG as a working professional easier, we have compiled a list of all the steps you can follow and the aspects you should consider when doing your search. Read on to know more. 


Search For Online Co-Living Spaces 

With the vastness of the internet at your fingertips and disposal, you really do have very few things to worry about in your PG hunt. Just search for terms like “single room PG in Pune”, and a variety of listings from organised PG providers including your-space will show up. Now not all the listings will have amazing amenities or some might even be not suitable for you in terms of location and some might even turn out to be fakes. So just put in some time for the research and all that will be left for you to do is to visit your site. 

Make Use Of Your Social Media Or Just Talk To Your Colleagues

Since Pune has a lot of migrant population, it won’t be a surprise if either of your school or college acquaintances now reside there. Just drop them a text or call them to ask about the various accommodation options available in the city. You can also ask your colleagues to help you out for your PG hunt because as residents of the city or have lived there for a long time, they will have more knowledge about what all options are available. Not only can this make your PG search easier, you will also have a familiar face to meet up with once you land in the new city.

Consider the Location Of Your Office 

The commute is a major factor that you should consider while looking for a PG as a working professional in Pune. It is important that your PG is in proximity to your office building so that you can spend minimal time travelling to and fro. If your office is nearby your PG building, you can ideally walk to it. Not only does staying close to your workplace saves you money, but it also helps you save a lot of time so that you can have enough of it to spend on exploring the city or pursuing your hobbies. 

Check For Accessibility From The PG 

While your office and PG are the two places where you will spend most of your time, it is also crucial that they are well-connected to the rest of the city. Picking a PG that has accessibility to hospitals, malls and markets will make your life much easier besides saving you some bucks in the long run. Our Viman Nagar PG is just 5 minutes away from restaurants, malls and banks so the residents living here don’t have to worry about travelling long distances for daily essentials. It also provides you with easy access to other areas of the city and has public transport facilities in the vicinity so that you can explore Pune without any worries. 

Amenities Offered 

A major perk of living in a PG is the amenities that you get inclusive of your monthly rent. While selecting your accommodation for the next few months or years, make sure to do ample research about the facilities available at the property especially basic essentials such as meals, housekeeping and laundry. Besides these amenities, your-space also has additional ones including tech-savvy security measures, home-style food, recreation spaces, gyms and community events just to name a few. These amazing amenities are created keeping in mind that as working professionals or students you will have limited time to spend on doing extra chores and so all you have to worry about is waking up early and heading out into the world.

One other way to simplify your PG search would be to hop on the your-space website and check out our amazing services including a PG in Tathawade, a hostel in Karve Nagar and other locations across Pune and the country. Once you have found “the one”, just drop us a WhatsApp text on +91 8447707093 and we will help you get moving!

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