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Here’s How Student Housing Has Evolved In India

September 13, 2022 | 3:39 PM By your-space
student living in india


As a student shifting out to pursue higher education in a different city, finding accommodation in proximity to the educational institute and offering all basic amenities is of utmost importance. Conventional setups such as hostels and rental apartments are ever present, but the lack of quality facilities and maintenance are steering students to look for better options which are not only affordable and comfortable but also provide them with a good quality of life. Co-living is one such concept which has gained momentum as a preferred student housing option in India over recent years. 

Besides offering basic amenities, co-living including ours offer safety and security which are built around technology and a sense of community that is especially important to students who have moved out of their home for the first time. Weighing in on the topic, our investor Mr Ajay Gupta of Capital Foods mentions,  “This segment is growing and has demonstrated growth every year even during the economic downturn. The Indian student population base is growing consistently. The future of student housing is going to be driven by technology and building a strong community and your-space is at the cusp of bringing about this change.”

Here are the reasons why there is a need for student housing in India: 

Lack of campus hostels:

While the number of students migrating to the cities to enter their dream college is increasing, the hostel bed count remains stagnant over many years. This drives students to look for affordable housing outside. 

Increased migration rates:

Education in India has progressed tremendously however, it is not uniform across different states. Some cities have a higher concentration of colleges and universities as compared to others and this leads to greater migration rates. 

Besides these reasons, conventional student accommodation options such as hostel and rental apartments lack organised space which is utilised to deliver the optimal facilities to students. A co-living experience in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or other cities by your-space is designed keeping in mind the needs of students. Here are some features of our co-living spaces which make them a top choice for students and are part of the student housing evolution in India. 


Top-notch facilities such as housekeeping, WiFi, TV, Ac and gym are provided when students opt for your-space PG in Delhi or any other location across India. These amenities are included in the monthly rent and make student life much more comfortable.


When living outside the home, food is a major concern for both students and their parents. Campus hostels often tend to compromise on food quality while living in an apartment requires students to cook for themselves which often leads to unhealthy eating habits. Your–space provides students with home-style meals that are nutritious and tasty. 


Living in a new city alone can be daunting especially if your living space doesn’t have adequate safety measures. This is a major reason why co-living has gained momentum as they are equipped with technologically advanced safety measures besides having CCTV surveillance and security guards.


Making friends in a new city is not an easy task by any measure. Your-space offers common recreational areas, TV lounges and activities where you can meet up with other students, network and spend your time. This feeling is often lacking in rented flats or hostels and Gen-Z gravitates toward feeling a part of a larger community that co-living student housing offers.


Living in proximity to your college helps you save time and money that you will spend on transportation. Your-space PGs are strategically located in posh areas in Delhi and other cities in the vicinity of famous colleges and universities. 

Student housing continues to develop and evolve at a fast pace in India. Students are constantly looking for accommodation options which make their routines simpler and at the same time help them save money. Other major reasons for students opting for co-living spaces are that these spaces help them save time and money and since all amenities are included in monthly rents, this also helps them budget their finances better. Our co-living spaces do not tie you down with long-term leases which is often the case with rental apartments. 

If you are a student or parent looking for the best student housing option, then simply search for your-space PG near me or drop us a message on WhatsApp. We are here to help you find the perfect accommodation for you!

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