11 Best Hangout Place in Indore

November 6, 2020 | 1:27 PM By Bhavika Motwani

Indore, located in Madhya Pradesh is known for various reasons and is one of the most developed cities in the country. The city is known for beautiful waterfalls, best food, bangles and so much more. Another unique tradition of this city that most people are not aware of is “Gair”, which is celebrated on Rangpanchami, the fifth of the day from Holi. People around the city gather at various spots and play with colours and then water is splashed through a huge cannon to get everyone drenched. It is like a special Indorie Holi.

Indore is the industrial, educational and business hub of Madhya Pradesh. People are always attracted to buy Handlooms from here as it provides a world-famous exquisite variety of handlooms that cannot be found anywhere. Apart from handlooms, Handicraft items also which are very unique and rare are found here.


Being one of the most influential cities in India, Indore has a lot to offer. Indore is known for its breathtaking views of nature, history and culture. Here are 11 Hangout Places which you must visit when in Indore.

1) Safari Adventure Park

Hanging out at eateries or meeting at a famous point is always the norm. To enjoy a day with your friends and be full-filled with fun and adventure, Safari Adventure Park is the place. The entry in here is also budget-friendly and you can hang out with your friends challenging each other with a number of rope activities, water sports, wall climbing and much more. A full day filled with fun and amusement can be experienced here.

Location: 9 MSJ Estate, Lasudia Parmar, Dakachya, Indore

2) Pipliyapala Regional Park

Looking for a place to hang out with your family? Pipliyapala Regional Park is the place. The park is away from all the city noises and disturbance and is a perfect getaway from the city chores to spend a calm and blissful day. The park is surrounded by a lake and has lush greenery which soothes you from within. The budget to spend a day in this park is also very less and the views will remind you of French Indian Gardens with serene voices of birds chirping. Overall, highly recommended!

Location: Regional Park Rd, Pipliya Pala.

3) Gomatgiri

Gomatgiri is located at a distance of 10 minutes drive from Indore Airport. The place deserves to be at least a one time visit. It is a replica of the gigantic statue of Bahubali at Shravanabelagola. One could visit and hang out at the place. Another reason why one must visit is that it is situated on a hill, and there are 24 other temples representing the 24 order Tirthankaras of Jainism. It is regarded as a picnic spot which rewards the best view when visited and one can enjoy the beauty from the top.

4) Tafreeh Agro Park

Another park where you could hang out with your loved ones is Tafreeh Agro Park. There are so many things you could do when in the park apart from the fact that the beauty of nature the parks provides feels surreal and the feeling of having to hang out here makes it even better. The park offers so many activities such as Water Maze, Cross the Hurdle, Snail’s pace, Phantom’s fall and so much more. With a few people to hang out together if the plan is to have fun along with admiring nature, Tafreeh Agro Park is the place.

5) Rajwada Palace

If one’s interested in spending a day learning the history of the city and to hang out at a place to pass the time, Rajwada Palace should never be out of the list. Built by the Holkars, Rajwada Palace exhibits Indore’s history through their art and architecture. The building is a beautiful storehouse of a variety of artefacts and is known for its splendid design and architecture. The speciality of it is that the palace hosts the sound and the light show that narrates the history of the palace. Spend a complete day experiencing the beauty and learning history.

Location; Rajwada Circle, Near Holker Cloth Market, Rajwada

6) Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

To experience the beauty of both flora and fauna, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is the place. A full day enjoying nature and doing fun little things, this wildlife sanctuary provides everything. For a one day visit to hang out with family or friends for a change, visit Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to experience a serene retreat from the hubbub of the city life and enjoy while you look forward to trekking, camel riding, cycling around etc. At the end of the day, it’s a full-filling day experienced by watching animals and doing adventure activities.

Location: Ralamandal

7) Mayank Blue Water Park

For the one’s who enjoys being in the water, Mayank Blue Water Park is where you should head out to spend a day. The park not only has water-based slides, pools and adventure, but it is also kids friendly and anybody could hang out there in order to have a day full of water and fun. One of the recommended places in the city to hang out with family, Mayank Blue Water Park should be a place you should visit as an escape or hang out with kids and family for a day.

Location: Bengali Square, Indore Bypass Rd

8) Treasure Island Mall


Malls are another sort of frequent hangout places everywhere. Indore being one of the most developing city, a mall with different brands to shop and to eat is a must. Treasure Island Mall provides you excellent service of food with a lot of brands to shop from, a day filled with shopping and food is the ideal hangout day and Treasure Island Mall is the place you should head to when in Indore.

Location: 11, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Near Presure Sland, Near TL Mall, South Tukoganj

9) O2 Cafe de la Ville- A popular Joint


Cafes are the most preferred hangout places all around the world. In Indore, O2 Cafe de la Ville is very popular and recommended as the place has a really vintage vibe plus another speciality of the cafe is that the cafe combines with a library so that one can enjoy reading while eating mouth-watering delicacies. This place has to be the Book-lovers favourite hangout spot as it has peace, food and books!

Cost for two: 600 Rs
Location: 23/2C, Scheme No 55, Lala Banarasila Dawar Marg, New Palasia

10) Mangosteen Cafe


The seating arrangements in this cafe are a whole of an eye-catcher. Mangosteen Cafe serves you the best Italian food and coffees. The seating arrangement is pretty comfortable and most people come around to chill as the place gives such awesome vibes.
Apart from being a relaxing place to hang out, the cafe also uses the recycled materials in its decor and promotes artists by giving them a venue to showcase their work. The lively ambience makes it a perfect place to hang out.

Cost for two: 700 Rs
Location: No ⅘, 5th floor, Pushpratna Solitaire, New Palasia

11) Cafe Terazza-Rooftop Cafe


Yet another rooftop cafe, this cafe is extremely popular in the city because of its ambience and delicious food. It is a perfect place for a date or a place to hang out with friends. As dusk falls, this cafe is lit up with pretty fairy lights which look stunning because of the swimming pool here. Overall the place is a total yes for ambience and is also known as the best coffee shop in Indore. So the best coffee shop, delicious food and great ambience make it a perfect place to hang out.

Cost for two: 700 Rs
Location: 10th Floor, Arien Heights, AB rd, LIG colony

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