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Top Entertaining Games to Play in The Hostel

February 4, 2022 | 9:09 AM By YourSpace


Hostel life is incomplete without late-night banter, eating maggi at midnight, and drinking and playing some entertaining games with your roommates. This time of the day is when each person unwinds, takes a break from all their study and work woes, and just focuses on having a few good hours. While the drinks and snacks are manageable, the games must change from time to time to prevent monotony.

Some of the best hostels in Delhi such as the ones managed and run by your-space, always provide a breakout area for recreational games and letting loose. Be it a your-space PG accommodation in Rohini sector 7 or any your-space men or women hostel in Delhi, you are bound to find a common area to watch TV, play board games and if you are lucky, it may even have a foosball or pool table.

So here is a list of games that will keep you in splits when played after a few drinks and bring out your competitive side (in a good way of course).

Board Games

Ludo, Monopoly, Catan, Snakes and Ladder, Dart Board Games, Chess, Scrabble are some of the most popular and commonly enjoyed games across the country. These can be played anywhere at any time and do not require too much planning or arrangement. Perfect for a quick evening break or even games night – these board games are bound to keep you entertained while working your brain.

Beer Pong

There are no particular rules for this game but beer pong is definitely the most enjoyable universal game. A game that was founded in America, beer pong has been hyped by every American college flick. For those who travel or move away from home, this game is one of the easiest ways to have fun and break the ice with new roommates. The game involves two teams that toss ping pong balls into beer-filled cups of their opponents, across a table. If the ball goes in, someone from the opposite team needs to finish the drink in the cup. The team that eradicates their opponent’s cups, is the winner.


A classic card game, UNO is a no-brainer. The best thing about it is that it is portable so you can play it in your bed or even at a coffee shop. New founded adults who move away from the city, tend to make this into a drinking game; when anyone picks a Draw 2 or Draw 4, they are supposed to drink those many sips of their drink. Since this is not originally a drinking game the rules are absolutely flexible.

Cards Against Humanity

Another card game, Cards Against Humanity is a party game that is gaining a lot of popularity. One of the recently discovered games, this game can become awkward and really break the ice with your new crew once the night progresses. The rules are simple. A player asks the remaining players a question from a Black Card, and they need to answer with their funniest White Card. The humour can get dark in this one, so the weak-hearted can ease into it over time.


One of the most perfect and enjoyable games is Taboo. Taboo often makes it to every games night, so, if you haven’t played it, it’s time to start. The idea is to challenge the players to guess phrases and words. The card that is picked by the dinner has the word that everyone needs to guess and then a few taboo words under it. They need to make them guess the word without using the taboo word, which if done, they lose a point. This game is time-bound and a timer keeps track of each person. A simple game, this is sure to be a hit.

Never Have I Ever 

Enter any men or women hostel in Delhi and you are bound to play this game at some point. Another student favourite, popularised by college flicks and rom-coms; never have I ever gets you to spill your secrets. Someone needs to come up with a “Never Have I Ever (and say something they have never done)” and whoever has done it, will take a sip of their drinks. The never have I Evers could be anything from “Never Have I Ever been to Kerala” to “Never Have I Ever bunked class”. It is the perfect way to get to know people quickly. Feel comfortable while playing it, because who is fact-checking you.

Games are the best ways to make friends in your hostel. They’re a cool way to be social, break the ice, and get to know your roommates. Introduce your roommates to these games, and make your hostel the best hostel in Delhi with a weekly game night ritual.

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