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Galgotias University Infrastructure Highlights That Make It A University Of Choice For Students

January 3, 2022 | 10:12 AM By YourSpace


With an aim to provide students and teachers the best modern learning and research environment, Galgotias University has made a great investment in infrastructure and facilities deeming it a great university of choice for students. With world-class amenities, a Wi-Fi-enabled campus, lush green surroundings, a state-of-the-art auditorium, and a library that boasts of research catalogs and books, their infrastructure is the reason students can get a holistic environment to grow both academically and personally. Galgotias business school has also been featured as one of India’s leading business schools by Dun and Bradstreet, giving you another reason to consider it for higher education.

Galgotias University campus is located at a very prime location on the Yamuna Expressway and is characterised by 52 acres of greens and some of the premium infrastructure in NCR. The advanced campus has been designed and planned by well-known architects who specialize in educational architecture and the labs, libraries, hostels, cafes, and classrooms can put some of the world’s best to shame. Galgotias universities aimed to provide an ambiance conducive to growth and development, for both students and teachers, and they have successfully achieved that.

Since Noida is the hub of many companies and educational institutes you will find some of the best hostels in the greater Noida region and around it for both boys and girls, by your-space. All our locations are fully equipped with great facilities, world-class security, and great food, allowing you to focus on what you are really here to do – study and work. The students are not mandated to live on campus, even though they offer living spaces, and can easily find a PG near Galgotia or PG near Jaypee Noida Sector 128.

Here are some of the world-class facilities that Galgotias offers: 

  • Round-the-clock wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) on the campus. The fast internet connectivity (with a bandwidth of 4Mbps) offered on this campus plays a key role in simplifying academics as well as R&D activities for the students and faculty at the institute.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms, lecture halls, and tutorial rooms with the finest teaching aids and facilities to support multi-media and audio-visual forms of teaching.
  • Well-equipped seminar hall and conference hall and an ultra-modern auditorium.
  • One of the best libraries with ever-growing print and digital resources. Stocked with over 1,30,000 books, more than 550 international and national journals, and 30,000 e-books, this library is resource-intensive.
  • Medical tie-up with a hospital nearby for emergencies and OPD.
  • Data Centre with over 20 servers and a bandwidth of 1Gbps to store accounts, student, curriculum, and examination data and for website hosting.
  • Safe hostels for girls and boys. The campus hostels are amidst lush greenery and have 24 hours power backup. Students who choose to stay here can enjoy a comfortable and homely stay. Since most students are moving away from their homes for the first time, due consideration is given to the place that they will be living at for the next few years.
  • Professionally and well-managed canteen and mess that is spacious, well ventilated, and offers wholesome food to all. The professional staff ensures the hygiene and freshness of the meals being served, and the menu offers multi-cuisine delights. There is provision for safe drinking water on each floor of all the buildings.
  • Activity center for students for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities for Football, Table tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Athletics, and Volleyball to build students’ characters and overall personalities.
  • Last but not the least, is the security system in place to provide utmost security to everyone that sets foot on the campus. There are trained security officers round the clock and each hostel and academic block has its own security system to meet its needs. Everyone on the campus – students, staff, and teachers have ID cards that need to be shown while entering. Key areas are equipped with alarms and monitored by CCTV. All these measures undertaken for campus security endorse a welcoming and safe environment.

With some of the best employment opportunities in this area, the best hostels in Greater Noida by your-space, and the world-class infrastructure offered by this university, it should definitely be given due consideration as your choice of school.

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