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Flat or Co-living Spaces: Which is better for students in Delhi?

August 10, 2022 | 4:24 PM By your-space
co-living-spaces in delhi

Starting your new life as a student in an unknown city like Delhi can be daunting. From selecting the college and course of your choice to picking the suitable accommodation, you have your work cut out for you when moving to Delhi. Since the city homes significant universities and colleges, students have a variety of accommodation options to pick from. Coliving spaces in Delhi have emerged as the latest affordable and comfortable option that provides a sense of community besides a long list of amenities. 

Compared to living in student hostels in Delhi or sharing a flat with other students, coliving options provide you with an elevated lifestyle and the perfect combination of privacy and shared space. If you are a student who has been admitted to the college of your choice in Delhi and cannot decide your accommodation set up, here are some comparison points to help you decide between living in a rented flat or opting for a coliving space. 

    1)  Facilities: Renting a flat is a stretched-out process wherein you have to visit various localities and talk to several people till you land up with the right one. Once that is done, you have to set up the house and the number of amenities you add is at your disposal. Your-space, our coliving setup helps you eliminate this long process and offers you comfortable accommodation along with a long list of amenities such as a fitness centre, TV, WiFi, common recreation area, lounge, CCTV surveillance and housekeeping. Opting for a coliving space makes your stay in the city safe and lets you enjoy your student life to the fullest.

    2)  Cost of living: As a student, rent is an important factor to consider when choosing between a flat and a coliving space. Renting out an apartment with your fellow students might seem like a more inexpensive option in the beginning but the day-to-day costs and monthly maintenance make the overall expense go up. You will also have to hunt for house help, grab groceries for food, look for a WiFi connection and many more such things that will add to your monthly rent. Coliving spaces provide you with all such amenities within the rent you pay and also offer the flexibility to pick both short and long-term living arrangements which is seldom the case with renting an apartment.

    3)  Community: Making friends in a new city can be difficult for a student but coliving can just be the right fix for it. Your-space offers common recreation spaces that let you mingle with the other people living there and helps you make new friends, a feature which is surely missing when you opt for living in a flat. 

    4)  Location: It is important to have your living space in proximity to your college as that helps you save time, energy and money. Residential areas are not always located in the vicinity of colleges making it difficult for you to find a safe apartment near your institute. Our coliving spaces are strategically located in the vicinity of major colleges in Delhi and provide you with secure and affordable living solutions.

If you have been admitted to the college of your choice and are looking for a pg in Rajouri garden or a boys pg in north campus you can head to your-space to find the best living options for you. Make sure to consider this list to pick the accommodation option most suitable for yourself and make your move to Delhi easier.

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