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Festive Season in Indore: Best Activities To Enjoy With Your College Gang

December 5, 2022 | 6:23 PM By your-space
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Living in a different and new city is an exciting experience, especially when it is done as a student. While the concept of students moving out of the comfort of their homes is not an unknown process, being away during the festive season can become slightly difficult. But the festive time away from loved ones can be easily overcome by spending it with your friends, especially your college family that you have found in the city you have selected to spend your younger years in. If your higher education has landed you in the city of Indore, then you are sure in for a fun-filled time.

From amazing markets to exciting nature treks and numerous eateries, as a student living in Indore, you will have plenty of activities to cover with your college gang, especially during the festive season of Christmas and New Year. Read on to know how you can make your winter months even more memorable here!

Food Spots

Street Food at Sarafa Bazaar: Festivities are incomplete without great food, and lucky for you Indore is very well-known for its culinary scene. Street food at Sarafa Bazaar is the perfect way to discover the city’s various offerings as the area is lined with several shops serving delicacies such as Kanji Vada Malpua, Poha, jalebi and pani puri to name just a few.

Mama Loca: Catching up with friends over good food is always a great idea and a visit to Mama Loca is just meant for that. A unique cafe serving Greek and Lebanese food, it has both indoor and alfresco seating. Some must-haves at the cafe include sangrias, lasagna and hummus pita bread.

Mocha: If you are planning a nice brunch or dinner with your college gang to celebrate Christmas, then you should bookmark Mocha Cafe. The cafe is renowned for its great food and lively atmosphere and often hosts live music events or sports screenings best enjoyed with your buddies around. Cottage Cheese Skewers, Jalapeno Poppers and their signature cocktails should not be missed.

Recreation and Entertainment

Solve puzzles at Mystery Room: A group activity that will keep you on your toes, discovering the many secrets at the Mystery Room in Indore is a fun-filled experience you shouldn’t miss. Games such as Lockout, Abduction and Hurt Locker are just a few of the many mysteries that you can solve here with your college mates.

Party At Trance The Pub: The festive season without some dancing just doesn’t sound right. But worry not as there are plenty of places in Indore where you can party the night away including Trance The Pub. The nightclub regularly hosts DJ parties and other music events that will put you in the party mood right away. So make sure to head here if you plan on welcoming the upcoming year’s dancing.

Nature Activities

Patalpani waterfall - Wikipedia

Enjoy a Picnic at Patalpani Waterfalls: Falling from a height of 300 meters, Patalpani Waterfalls is a famous picnic and hiking spot near Indore. If you and your friends want to enjoy some serenity amidst nature, then pack up a basket and head to these falls as you get started with your festival holidays.

Trek At Janapav Kuti: If you want to explore the bounty of nature in Indore, then travel just 45 km away to Janapav Kuti. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or just want to get away from the business of college life, take a trek at this mountain to revel in the scenic and lush green views that surround it. For nature and adventure seekers, what could be a better way to enter the new year?

Take A Trip To Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: Since both Christmas and New Year fall on a weekend this year, you will get the perfect opportunity to experience the wildlife at Ralamandal Sanctuary with your gang. Endangered species such as barking deer, sambar, blue bulls and leopards are protected here so make sure to keep your cameras ready!

Historic Places

Revel in the architecture of Lal Bagh Palace: If your idea of holiday is discovering the beautiful landmarks of the city and indulging in learning about its history, then do check out the amazing Lal Bagh Palace of Indore. Built in the 19th century in a European architectural style, the palace has several historic artefacts that you can see while here.

Take a trip to Mandu: A short road trip from Indore, Mandu is an ancient fortress city which houses several temples, mosques and palaces. Hindola Mahal, Jahaz Mahal and the darwaazas are some must-visit attractions of the town. A weekend road trip to celebrate the festivities with your gang? Yes, please!

While exploring the new city to which you are moving to is important, it is even more integral that you find the perfect affordable pg in Indore and that’s where we, at your-space come in. We have hostels for students in Geeta Bhawan and other areas of Indore that are equipped with top-notch facilities to make your stay in the city fun and memorable.

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