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Explore the Maharashtrian Food Haven of Mumbai in 13 Spots
Mumbai is well known for its famous landmarks, vibrant culture, and a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisine. Mumbai offers various culinary experiences to suit every taste and inclination, ranging from inexpensive food carts to upscale dining establishments. Maharashtrian cuisine maintains a distinct position among Mumbai's various culinary wonders.

Mumbai is well known for its famous landmarks, vibrant culture, and a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisine. Mumbai offers various culinary experiences to suit every taste and inclination, ranging from inexpensive food carts to upscale dining establishments. Maharashtrian cuisine maintains a distinct position among Mumbai's various culinary wonders.

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Maharashtrian cuisine offers a beautiful fusion of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods and is renowned for its strong flavours, aromatic spices, and distinctive cooking techniques. Maharashtra's culinary delicacies will likely leave you wanting more, from the fiery Misal Pav to the lip-smacking Vada Pav and the comfortable Puran Poli. With the help of this thoughtfully chosen list of 13 places to get the best Marathi foods, you can satisfy your accessibility and financial needs while learning about the exciting world of Maharashtrian flavours.

  1. Chaitanya, Dadar: If you're looking for delicious, authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, go to Chaitanya in Dadar West. The amazing fish fry at this restaurant is a must-have for anyone who loves seafood. Be prepared to savour tastes that instantly take you to Maharashtra's seaside charms!
  2. Highway Gomantak, Bandra East: Look no further than Highway Gomantak in Bandra East when a fish hunger strikes. This storied eatery has been preparing traditional Maharashtrian food for years. They have a delicious meal called the Kolambi Curry Thali that you must try. It will transport your taste buds to a world of flavour.
  3. Mee Marathi, Vile Parle: Mee Marathi in Vile Parle is counted among the best food spots in Mumbai and a place to go if you're looking for outstanding Maharashtrian cuisine. The flavours and genuineness of their cuisine will astound you. Sample their famous Misal Pav, a traditional Maharashtrian delicacy that blends spicy sprouts with a fluffy bread roll, and experience a culinary excursion you won't soon forget.
  4. Satkar Rice Plate House, Goregaon: You should visit Satkar Rice Plate House in Goregaon for a real Maharashtrian feast. It's close to Goregaon Station, and this undiscovered treasure is renowned for its delectable Maharashtrian cuisine. Every dish, from the expertly flavoured curries to the fragrant rice plates, is a culinary delight. Don't let this culinary experience pass you by, as it will leave you wanting more.
  5. MH-09 Shetkari, Thane: If you're in the mood for fiery Kolhapuri food, head to MH-09 in Thane's Shetkari neighbourhood. Be prepared for a flavour explosion that will tickle your taste receptors. Request some Bhakri, a classic Maharashtrian bread, to accompany your dish. You will delve into a genuine culinary experience that perfectly encapsulates Maharashtra.
  6. Nav Chaitanya, Versova: Versova's Nav Chaitanya is the place to go if you're seeking tasty and energising best Marathi foods to start your day. Pour yourself a glass of Sol Kadhi, a tangy, probiotic-rich beverage that is both tasty and healthy. After sipping this lovely beverage, tap into the spiciness and flavour of the Maharashtrian cuisine being served. This meal experience will lift your sense of taste to a whole new level.
  7. Lunch Home, Multiple Outlets: Get ready for a fiery and soul-satisfying gastronomic excursion at Maharashtra Lunch Home. This restaurant has several locations and is well known for its extremely spicy Kolhapuri food. Although you might find yourself reaching for that glass of water to calm the spiciness, each bite will bring you closer to flavour heaven. Prepare to enjoy every minute at Lunch Home while indulging in Maharashtra's rich flavours.
  8. Aaswad, Dadar: In the centre of Dadar, there is a restaurant among the top food spots in  Mumbai called Aaswad that has won the hearts of innumerable tourists and locals alike. They have unequalled flavour consistency over time, and the meal is top-notch. Their Kothimbir Vada is one dish that stands out. You'll want more of these incredibly tasty and fluffy coriander fritters. Any cuisine enthusiast in Mumbai must pay a visit to Aaswad to taste authentic Maharashtrian cuisine.
  9. Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, Dadar: Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra is yet another treasure in Dadar. Their Batata Vadas are as large and mouthwatering as they appear. If you come early for breakfast, you may also sample their genuine Maharashtrian Poha. It's a delicious way to start the day and satisfies your yearning for familiar flavours when made the Maharashtrian way.
  10. Mama Kane, Dadar: Mama Kane in Dadar is the place to go for people living in Mumbai student hostels for crisp, freshly cooked Kanda Bhajiyas (onion fritters), which are often considered among the best Marathi foods. You will enter a complete gastronomic delight after just one bite of these bhajiyas. You will go into a delicious food haven after eating these onion rings since they are in a class of their own. Only when you taste it firsthand will you believe that Mama Kane's bhajiyas are unparalleled.
  11. Mamledar Misal, Multiple Outlets: Ranked among the best food spots in Mumbai, Mamledar Misal is the place to go for top-notch Misal Pav. This traditional dish is a peppery mixture served with soft bread rolls and thinly sliced onions. The ideal snack to sate your appetite and spice hankerings. Visit Mamledar Misal to get a taste of the real deal in Maharashtrian street food.
  12. Martand Misal, Multiple Outlets: Martand Misal is unrivalled when experiencing the best misal in Mumbai. Those who enjoy Maharashtrian food will love this location, which is also a haven for boys who live in Malad Boys PG. You may get a range of delicacies at Martand Misal that will sate all of your needs for Maharashtrian cuisine, from various types of Misal to cool Thandai. Prepare to savour the complex flavours and immerse yourself in Maharashtra's gastronomic treasures.
  13. Matunga Dabeli, Matunga East: Looking for tasty and reasonably priced street cuisine from Maharashtra? Matunga Dabeli, in Matunga East, is the only place to look. They are well-known for their delectable Dabeli and provide a substantial plate of flavours at a reasonable price. As you bite into their delectable delicacies, indulge in the delicious fusion of spices and textures.

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