10 Easy Food/Snack recipes to make in your hostel room.

Hostel Life and Food:

Hostel life and food has a major bitter-sweet relationship.Most people believe and say, there’s no food like a beautiful and rich home-cooked meal, well we agree and not! We think, just because you stay away from your home, in a hostel, this doesn’t mean you can not have a delicious meal without losing all your money! While Your-Space offers you the best hostel-food in town, the closest you’ll find to a nice home-cooked meal – we believe in creativity and hostel-life experience deeply! You know if you stay with us, you don’t have to worry about your next meal, but, we know there’s nothing more fun than an evening spent with your roomies, preparing snacks for those all-nighters! Don’t worry cooking is easier than you think – all in a hostel room! We are sure you’ve heard of no-fire cooking! If not, keep reading to know all about it! Plus, you definitely can’t miss the 10 easy Food/snack recipes to make in your hostel room!

No-Fire Cooking:

Pretty obviously, cooking without fire means that cooking dishes or recipes in which Fire is not used. It is called cooking without fire or fireless cooking. While Your-Space offers its residents beautiful well-equipped kitchen spaces with an induction plate and microwave oven to experiment in, for students leading their golden hostel life years, no-fire cooking may be the most life-saving discovery! Sitting in your perfect Your-Space hostel room, you can make some amazingly easy, quick and delicious no-fire snacks – with very easily available and affordable ingredients! We can’t wait to dig into this blog, can you? So, don’t wait, here are some Easy Food/Snack Recipes to Make in your Hostel Room:

All-Time Sandwiches:

1. Tomato Cheese Sandwich

Tomato Cheese Sandwich

Image Source: Archana’s kitchen

You Will Need:

● 2 Whole Wheat Brown Bread Slices
● 2 Cheese Slices
● 2 Tomatoes, thinly sliced
● 4 Basil leaves (Optional)
● 1 tablespoon Butter
● Salt and Pepper

How To:

● Spread butter on your whole wheat bread slices
● Add one cheese slice to both bread slices
● Add tomatoes to one of the bread slices
● Shake some salt and pepper on it
● Add basil leaves, or alternatively, lettuce to the tomatoes (optional)
● Cover the pile with the other bread slice. Have fun!

2. Cucumber Cool Sandwich

Cucumber Cool Sandwich
Image Source: times of India

You Will Need:

● 2 White/Brown Bread Slices
● 1 Cucumber (thinly sliced)
● Mayonnaise
● Salt and Pepper

How To:

● Take two bread slices and spread mayonnaise (or alternatively, butter) on them
● Spread cucumber slices on one bread slice
● Shake some salt and pepper
● Cover the pile with the other bread slice. Have fun, stay cool!

3. Cream Cheese Sandwich

Cream Cheese Sandwich
Image Source: tarla dalal

You Will Need:

● 2 White/Brown Bread Slices
● A scoop of readymade cream-cheese
● Butter
● Chopped tomatoes
● Chopped Capsicum
● Mixed Italian Herbs
● Chilli Flakes
● Chopped Basil Leaves
● Salt and Pepper

How To:

● Take cream cheese in a bowl, keep it aside
● Add all your (chopped) ingredients and mix them into the cream cheese
● Add your seasonings to the ingredients mix
● Take bread slices and spread butter on both slices
● Spread cream cheese-filling on the bread slices
● Cut diagonally, or not! Have fun!

4. Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich

Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich
Image Source: very well fit

You Will Need:

● 2 White/Brown Bread Slices
● Peanut Butter (Creamy/Crunchy)
● Mixed Fruit Jam

How To:

● Take 2 bread slices, spread your favourite peanut butter on it
● Take another slice and spread jam on this one
● Stick them together! Cut the sides for the best experience!

5. Nutella Banana Sandwich

Nutella Banana Sandwich
Image Source: frescos pizza

You Will Need:

● 2 White/Brown Bread Slices
● 1 Banana (thinly sliced)
● Nutella (of course!)

How To:

● Take 2 bread slices, spread nutella evenly on them
● Take your sliced banana pieces and spread them across one bread slice
● Top it up with the other slice! Have the perfect sweet tooth evening!

Healthy and Tasty Bites:

6. Easy-Peasy Bhel Chaat

Easy-Peasy Bhel Chaat
Image Source: wikipedia

You Will Need:

● Sev (packed)
● Papdi (packed)
● Puffed Rice (packed)
● Tamarind Chutney (packed)
● 1 Onion (chopped)
● 1 Tomato (chopped)
● 1-2 Green Chillies (chopped)
● Lemon
● Salt, per taste

How To:

● Mix all you ingredients in one big bowl
● Squeeze 1-2 lemons (as per serving)
● Add tamarind/bhel puri chutney
● Add salt, if needed (optional)
● Give it all a mix and enjoy chaat at home!

7. Simple Morning Salad

Simple Morning Salad
Image Source: my gorgeous recipes

You Will Need:

● 1 Onion (chopped)
● 1 Tomato (chopped)
● Lettuce (chopped)
● Olives (chopped)
● Cucumber (chopped)
● Olive Oil (optional)
● Lemon
● Italian Mixed Herbs
● Salt and Pepper

How To:

● Add all your chopped ingredients to a bowl
● Add your seasonings to the bowl
● Squeeze a lemon (as per preference)
● Give it a mix! Eat at the earliest, do not store this! Have fun!

8. Cute Fruit Chaat

Cute Fruit Chaat
Image Source: vege cravings

You Will Need:

● 1 Apple (chopped)
● 1 Pear (chopped)
● 1-2 Bananas (chopped)
● Choice of Grapes (chopped)
● Choice of citrus fruits (e.g. Orange)
● Lemon
● Salt and Chat Masala (optional)
● Sugar (optional)

How To:

● Add all your chopped fruits into a big bowl
● Add seasoning
● Squeeze a lemon
● Add sugar (if preferred)
● Give it a nice mix! Eat at the earliest, do not store this! Have fun!

9. Sprout Bowl

Sprout Bowl
Image Source: whisk affair

You Will Need:

● Variety of Sprouts (packed)
● 1 Onion (chopped)
● 1 Tomato (chopped)
● Pomegranate
● Lettuce (optional)
● Lemon
● Salt and Pepper

How To:

● Take a variety of your ready to eat sprouts in a bowl
● Add chopped ingredients
● Add seasoning
● Squeeze a lemon into it
● Give it a nice mix! Stay healthy, have fun!

10. Fruit Yogurt Bowl

Fruit Yogurt Bowl
Image Source: shared appetite

You Will Need:

● 1 Orange
● 1 Pack of Strawberries (chopped)
● Mixed Berries (of your choice)
● 1-2 Bananas (chopped)
● Mixed Fruits (of your choice)
● Yogurt of your choice
● Chia Seeds (optional)
● Peanut Butter (optional)
● Honey (optional)
● Dry Fruits/Nuts (chopped)

How To:

● Take yogurt in a bowl. You can take plain or sweetened yogurt (as per your preference)
● Take all your chopped fruits and add them into the yogurt bowl. We prefer to decorate them on top of the yogurt, and not mix them, but you do you!
● Add chia seeds/mixed seeds into the mix
● Add a dash of honey and peanut butter into it (optional)
● Add your favourite nuts (chopped) into the bowl
● Best eaten fresh! Don’t forget to take all your insta-worthy pics!

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