CUCET VS. CUET – Is There a Difference?

November 28, 2023 | 10:32 AM By your-space
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Entrance exams safeguard a student’s academic dreams in the maze of higher education, where every turn opens doors to new opportunities. Two acronyms often spark a whirlwind of questions for students eyeing the prestigious central universities: the CUCET Exam and the CUET Exam. But are they one and the same? Do they unlock the same doors or lead to different corridors of academia?

As you embark on the exciting journey of higher education after clearing your 10+2 exams, choosing the right entrance exam can be a challenging task. So, fasten your seatbelts as we present to you the information about CUCET and CUET Exam, deciphering the codes that hold the keys to your educational aspirations. 


The University of Rajasthan administered the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) from 2010 to 2020. Meanwhile, the CUET Exam, the Common University Entrance Test, emerged in 2021 and is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), encompassing 43 universities across India.

Similarities between CUCET and CUET

Before delving into the differences, it’s essential to recognise the common ground shared by CUCET and CUET:

  1. Type of Exam: Both are entrance exams.
  2. Courses Offered: Both cater to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  3. Frequency: Conducted once a year.
  4. Objective: Facilitate a streamlined university admission process (Central, deemed, state, and private).
  5. Exam Pattern: Similar sections—1A, 1B (45 mins each), Section 2 (45 mins), and Section 3 (60 mins).
  6. Geographical Scope: Both exams are conducted in India.

Difference between CUET and CUCET Exam

Now, let’s dissect the key distinctions between CUCET and CUET Exam:

  1. Acronym and Name: CUCET stands for Central University Common Entrance Test, while CUET stands for Central University Entrance Test.
  2. Inception: CUCET was established in 2010, while CUET came into existence in 2021.
  3. Conducting Body: CUCET is conducted by the University of Rajasthan, whereas CUET is managed by the National Testing Agency (NTA).
  4. University Participation: CUCET involves 41 universities, while CUET boasts the participation of 43 universities.

Understanding CUET Exam

CUET, hosted by the National Testing Agency since 2022, encompasses 43 universities across India. Some of these universities include JNU Delhi, Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Maharashtra, Manipur University Manipur, and Maulana Azad National Urdu University Telangana. If you seek admission to these universities must do a smart CUET preparation and achieve a commendable score.

Eligibility Criteria for CUET/CUCET

Both exams share similar eligibility criteria, requiring you to have cleared your 12th class. However, specific course criteria may vary across universities, necessitating thorough research before appearing for the exam. A comprehensive understanding of the courses and programs offered by each university is essential for a well-prepared approach.


Contrary to popular assumption, CUCET and CUET are not significantly different from one another. The Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) was renamed the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) after the National Testing Agency took control of the exam in 2021 from the University of Rajasthan. The syllabus and exam pattern remain largely unchanged, with the notable enhancement being the increase in participating universities to 43 under CUET.

How to Score Best in the CUET Exam?

  1. Mastering the CUET Exam Pattern: While the National Testing Agency (NTA) may not explicitly unveil the marking scheme for each section, a strategic analysis of the previous year’s CUET exam pattern offers valuable insights. In the language comprehension section, candidates typically tackle 40 out of 50 questions, each carrying 5 marks, with a penalty of one negative mark per incorrect response. Similar rules apply to the domain-specific knowledge and General Test sections, where attempting at least 50 out of 60 questions is advised. Armed with this intel, you can now craft a more effective preparation strategy to enhance your overall score.
  2. Clarify Your Concepts and Dissolve Doubts: A pivotal key to securing top marks in CUET  is ensuring absolute clarity on concepts and swift resolution of any lingering doubts. Leaving no topic untouched, unravel each subject’s basic principles, formulas, rules, facts, and examples. Apply this knowledge adeptly to tackle diverse question types. Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, peers, or online experts whenever uncertainties arise. A crystal-clear understanding of concepts fortifies your performance and boosts your confidence for the impending challenge.
  3. Harness the Power of Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers: To position yourself for success, consistently practice CUET mock tests and perusal of previous year papers. These exercises are potent tools to evaluate your preparedness, identify areas of strength and weakness, enhance your speed and accuracy, acclimatise yourself to the exam’s intricacies, and refine your time management skills. Simulate exam conditions while attempting mock tests and past papers, analysing your performance meticulously. Learn from any missteps, diligently correcting and reinforcing your knowledge base.
  4. Embrace Calmness and Positivity: As for the final advice, you should maintain an unwavering sense of calmness and positivity throughout your preparation and the actual exam. Resist the temptation to succumb to panic or stress, as these can adversely impact your focus and performance. Shun negative thoughts and emotions that may dampen your motivation or erode your confidence. Instead, believe in your abilities, steadfastly focusing on your academic goals. A serene mind and a positive outlook are your steadfast allies in conquering the challenges that CUET 2023 presents.

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