Cost of Living in Ahmedabad (Updated 2022)

September 15, 2021 | 2:00 PM By Manaswani Saxena

Ahmedabad, Manchester of India is a hub of all things amazing. This city is a beautiful
amalgamation of rich history and modern cosmopolitan cultures. Growing at the pace of
lighting, this city attracts the best of students, professionals and families – who are chasing
excellence in life. Hub of brilliant academic institutions, huge business tycoons, and beautiful
landscapes, this city is perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a student, a
professional or a family with kids, this city can offer you the best of life – cleaner, greener and
better! While Ahmedabad certainly is a club of all things dreamy, you sure do need to figure
the way to go first. The first thing you must do before you dive into the day to day life of any
city, is calculate the cost of living and plan your lifestyle – based on the calculation and your
vision! Even if you are looking at a peaceful city like Amdavad, calculating the cost of living
in any city can be a tedious task! Worry not, we have got you covered here!

Before you start, have a look at the different major aspects of life in Ahmedabad:

● Accommodation
● Food and Groceries
● Transport
● Basic Utilities
● Entertainment
● Markets and Shopping

Here is a glimpse of the summary of all expected expenses when calculating the cost of
living in Ahmedabad:

AspectMinimum ExpenseMaximum Expense
AccommodationINR 8000/INR 25000/-
Food & GroceriesINR 4000/-INR 6000/-
TransportINR 1000/-INR 3000/-
Basic UtilitiesINR 2500/-INR 5000/-
EntertainmentINR 3000/-INR 8000/-
Markets and ShoppingINR 1000/-INR 3000/-

1. Accommodation


When moving into a city, the first and foremost thing to consider and settle is where you would live – what will you now call home? Where you decide to reside is a crucial aspect of your overall quality of life anywhere. The cost of your accommodation, the level of comfort it offers, and the ease of living it ensure for you. While the choice of accommodation is entirely personal, but for students and working professionals, we would highly recommend a PG in Ahmedabad. Your-Space PG in Ahmedabad offers you the best of comfort, security, health, and community-related facilities and amenities.

Anyhow, below is a list of types of accommodations and their respective price ranges in Ahmedabad:

Type of HousingSpace of AccommodationAverage Price Range
Apartment1 BHKINR 10k – 14k
Apartment2 BHKINR 15k – 20k
Apartment3 BHKINR 18k – 26k
Paying Guest (PG)Personal/SharingPersonal/SharingINR 8k – 12k


Your-Space PG in CG Road, Ahmedabad | Your-Space PG in Fire Tech, Ahmedabad

2. Food and Groceries


Food is something one can not compromise on, especially if you are living away from home. If you are planning to cook, you should definitely check out the average cost of groceries in Ahmedabad. Here is a list of a few basic grocery essentials with their respective costs in Ahmedabad:

● 1 Ltr. Regular Milk: ₹30-₹60
● Fresh White Bread (½ kg): ₹25-₹65
● Rice: ₹35-₹100 per kg
● 12 Regular Eggs: ₹50-₹100
● 1 kg Tomato: ₹20-₹60
● 1 kg Potato: ₹10-₹40
● 1 kg Onion: ₹15-₹40

Note: The cost of fruits and vegetables may vary as per market trends. But as mentioned before, the average cost of groceries for a month in Ahmedabad may range between 4 to 6 thousand INR.
Your-Space PGs, on the other hand, offer delicious and nutritious food at their PG properties – all-inclusive in very affordable rent arrangements. Meals at Your-Space are based on a very comprehensive chef’s plan – inclusive of flavours and cuisines – run on the fuel of residents’ feedback and requests.

3. Transport


For local Amdavadis, the primary means of transport is the local transport network. Autos, rickshaws, buses and local trains connect different locations of the city. Some taxi and cab providers also support the transport system in the city. If you do not own a vehicle in Ahmedabad, you can rely on Ahmedabad’s local public transport. Ahmedabad Metro Rail Services have reached substantial scope and are continually growing.

Basic cost of local public transport for an average distance may cost you between INR 15 – 30 for one side. If you choose a more luxurious means of transport like a cab, it may cost you somewhere between INR 100 – 150 for one side. Fortunately for you, Your-Space PGs in Ahmedabad is conveniently located in close proximity to various academic institutes and universities.

4. Basic Utilities


Basic utilities like electricity, water, gas connection and similar elements of a household may cost different in different cities. When it comes to Ahmedabad, the cost of basic utilities in a home may cost you anything between INR 2500 – 5000. However, if you choose to stay in a PG Accommodation like Your-Space, you can be free of the worries of such utilities, as they can be included in your rental arrangement and be taken care of by designated brand staff.

5. Entertainment


Recreational activities like games, sports, cinema, plays, music and such are a part of one’s unwinding process. If you know the correct places for recreation around you, the matters of hectic lives are more easily handled than otherwise. Basic dinner for two may cost you somewhere around INR 1000, two tickets to a movie may cost you under INR 500, a day-out for coffee and snacks may cost you under INR 500, a night out for cocktails may cost you close to INR 1000.

Your-Space PGs come with luxurious common lounge/recreational activity rooms – full of indoor game facilities and ample space for unwinding after a long day.

6. Markets and Shopping


Image Source: Traveljee

Ahmedabad is full of local marketplaces and shopping areas for people from all budgets. You can enjoy buying from thrift shops and local markets to luxurious shopping malls. Thrift jewellery/clothing shopping may cost you something under INR 1000. Shopping in a mall for clothing may cost you something between INR 2500 and 5000

Some popular local markets for shopping in Ahmedabad are:

● Lal Darwaja Market
● Sindhi Market
● Dhalgarwad
● Manek Chowk Market
● Law Garden Night Market
● Fernandes Bridge/Shahid Bhagat Singh Bridge
● Chimanlal Girdharlal Road
● Ramakada Market
● Rani-no-Haziro

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