Cost of living for students in Jaipur

September 20, 2022 | 5:05 PM By your-space
cost of living in jaipur


Jaipur, renowned for its historical monuments and rich culture has also made its mark as an important educational hub of India. The Pink City is a top choice for students looking forward to pursuing their higher education as it houses some prestigious universities such as Manipal University, Pearl Academy, NIMS University and more. Besides having great educational facilities, the city is also vibrant, has great food and extremely welcoming people. You will never run out of fun things here as there is not just one tourist place in Jaipur but around more than 40 which includes monuments, malls, markets and temples. 

Jaipur also offers great work opportunities making it even more attractive to students and working professionals. As compared to metropolitans such as Delhi and Mumbai, the rent price and overall cost of living are less. However, it does depend on the kind of area you live in, the amenities you avail of and other factors. 

At your-space PG in Jaipur, we aim to provide not just comfortable accommodation but also necessary amenities to make your stay as a student as pocket friendly as possible. To help you manage your expenses better, we are breaking down the components that will make up your cost of living in Jaipur. Read on to know more!


Renting an apartment:

The average cost of renting an apartment in Jaipur is around INR 6000/- onwards. A fully furnished room in Jaipur in areas such as Raja Park can cost you upwards of INR 8000/- and does not include any other facilities and bills. Depending on the area you chose to stay in, the rent of the apartment can vary and it can also change on whether you plan to stay alone or share the space with another student. 

Your-space PG/Hostels:

Your-space PGs are developed keeping in mind the comfort, budget, security and health of students. Our PG in Raja Park area of Jaipur starts at INR 11,000/- and can vary according to the facilities. It is completely furnished and includes various amenities such as home-style meals, security and housekeeping. Our PGs are also strategically located near major educational institutions cutting down on transportation costs.

Household costs 


The price of groceries is standard across the country and can cost you anywhere from INR 1400-1600/- per month. This includes vegetables, cooking basics and personal hygiene items. This is applicable, however, only if you live in an apartment on your own or on a shared basis as your-space PG rent is inclusive of these expenses.


Depending if you cook your food, order out, have a cook or rely on famous tiffin services the cost of food may vary every month. Ordering on famous delivery services such as Zomato and Swiggy costs you an average of INR 200/- per delivery. Jaipur also has lots of street food options along with fine-dining restaurants. So the cost of food can differ as per your preferences.Your-space PGs lets you skip on the grocery shopping runs and ordering in food as it provides you with home-style meals. 

Electricity and Internet:

The combined cost of electricity and internet while living in a flat comes up to INR 2500/- and goes beyond depending on the consumption. The cost can also increase during the summer months especially since the temperature tends to soar in Jaipur and AC is required almost all day round.


Due to the presence of various tourist destinations, transportation costs in Jaipur are inexpensive. Local modes of transportation such as rickshaws and metro bring up the monthly transportation cost to around INR 1000/- and upwards per month. Staying in the vicinity of the educational institutions where you are studying can help you minimise the transport cost and you can spend it on other fun activities of your choice. 

Entertainment and Leisure

Depending on the frequency of your outings and the places you pick to visit, the costs surrounding entertainment are INR 1000/- upwards. Since Jaipur has several tourist attractions, you can get discounts with student IDs and explore these places during your stay in the city. The Pink City also have various malls, movie halls and other recreational spaces. If you are someone who enjoys shopping, you can find plenty of affordable street shopping markets in Jaipur that will help you amp up your wardrobe at minimal costs. 

Now that you have a breakdown of the cost of living in Jaipur, it is safe to say that living in an organised PG/hostel such as your-space is cost-effective, safe and the most comfortable option for students. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and we will help you find the most suitable accommodation for you!

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