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Consider Co-Living In Mumbai: Here’s Why

March 31, 2023 | 5:39 PM By your-space
co living space in mumbai


The City of Dreams never sleeps and everyone here comes in with a few plans or more in mind. Since Mumbai is home to some of the best universities in the country besides having the best career opportunities for young minds, the influx of new population here is never-ending. Over recent years, the city has undergone a few changes, and the rent prices remain at an all-time high. Younger generations are now always on the lookout for better accommodation that caters to their needs without burning a hole in their pockets and co-living is the solution for just that and more!

Whether you have recently enrolled in either of Mumbai’s prestigious colleges or just landed the job of your dreams, living in Mumbai will surely be a surreal experience which can appear a little daunting at times too. But before you get into the intricacies of the process, it is important that you find yourself an accommodation that can be your home away from home. Co-living personifies this concept and here are a few other reasons you should consider it as you move to Mumbai. 

Financial Flexibility

It is no secret that renting or buying an apartment in a city like Mumbai can cost you a fortune. For students and young professionals, it is a far-fetched idea and rightly so. Co-living accommodation including that of your-space provides you with financial flexibility as you can share a room or space with other like-minded people and you don’t burn a hole in your pocket doing so either. A co-living PG in Mumbai will help you remove the “broke student” tag and at the same time provide you with the opportunity to explore more things without keeping your financials in mind always. Since amenities are also included in the monthly rent, you can also budget your expenses better.

Upgraded Lifestyle 

Mumbai is a fairly expensive city to reside in and while some areas provide solace in terms of lowered rents or cheaper markets, the overall cost of living is fairly high. Amenities such as an in-house gym and home-style meals are seldom present in rental apartments in Mumbai. However, your-space co-living PGs comes completely equipped with these amenities and more including recreation centres and TV lounges. While you might have to pay an extra fee at the gym near your apartment or order pizza every now and then cause you don’t feel like cooking at your, co-living accommodations help you skip all this and helps you maintain a healthy and upgraded lifestyle at zero extra costs.

Accessibility To Other Areas

Co-living spaces are strategically located near educational universities and business centres such as the your-space rooms in Andheri which are just 3-5 minutes away from Pearl Academy and Raffles Institute. This accessibility also extends to public transport facilities, metro stations and also other important aspects such as shopping malls, grocery shops and hospitals. You cannot say the same for that inexpensive apartment you found in some faraway society in Mumbai now, can you?

More Convenience

Co-living makes your life easier with its top-notch facilities, including housekeeping, laundry services, meals, on-call doctors, fully-furnished rooms, and more. These facilities are not easily found in regular hostels or rental apartments in Mumbai. Not only do these features help you save money, but they also provide you with added convenience and help you save up time that you can spend elsewhere. The maintenance of co-living spaces is also carried out by the on-property staff so you have nothing much to worry about as you head home after a long day of work or studies except taking care of yourself. 

Enhanced Safety, Privacy and Security

When their children step out, one of the greatest concerns for parents is their safety and security. On the other hand, people living outside also have their privacy as a top priority. Co-living spaces seamlessly manage to deliver on all these aspects by using well-equipped and technologically advanced measures for safety both inside and outside the accommodation and also provide a balanced setup made up of private rooms and social spaces.

Scope Of Social Interaction 

If you are moving out of your home for the first time or are new to Mumbai, then the socialising opportunities you get at co-living spaces will help you. At events or while spending time in recreational areas of the co-living, you can easily break the ice, meet like-minded people who share similar interests or might even go to the same college as you and eventually make lifelong friends. If you share a room, you also have someone to explore the city with, watch movies or just hang out with. 

Now that you know that co-living is the best option for you in the busy city of Mumbai, you can start with your accommodation hunting. We at your-space are here to help you with just that! Our South Mumbai hostels and student hostels in Vile Parle and PGs across different locations are equipped with top-notch amenities and fantastic security features. Just call us at +91 8447707093 and we will help you find the perfect co-living space!


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