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Co-living vs College Hostel: What should you pick as a student living in Noida

November 15, 2022 | 4:54 PM By your-space
co living space in noida


An increase in the migrant population in India has led to the rise of new types of student housing such as co-living spaces. These new-age student accommodation options are designed to cater to the necessities of people moving outside to work or pursue higher education and also have additional features such as community events. The co-living concept is defined by the presence of common spaces including kitchens, recreation rooms and study spaces that one can use besides their room and washroom. Over the last few years, metropolitan cities have been fast with catching up with this idea and rightly so. However, even other tier cities which are deemed as the educational hubs of our country are also embracing this concept with open arms. 

Noida is one such area which has rapidly developed as an educational and business hub and now sees an influx of students more than ever before. Consequently, more student housing options including your-space Noida co-living space for students are now present here. However, as a student, you will still have the choice of selecting to live in your campus hostel or living outside the college. To make your task of making the pick simpler, here is a comprehensive co-living vs college hostel comparison. 


Co-living Spaces:

In this department, our co-living spaces got you covered. Our Noida PGs come well-equipped with facilities such as doctor-on-call, housekeeping, home-style meals, laundry, a common kitchen, high-speed WiFi, recreation rooms and an in-house fitness room. Besides these facilities, the rooms in our PGs are fully-furnished so you won’t have to worry about bringing in too many things. 

College Hostels:

As a student who is opting for a government or private college hostel, you should be ready for basic amenities such as furnished rooms, clean water and timely meals. Compared to co-living spaces, the facilities at hostels in Noida can appear subpar with no exceptional perks. One thing that can be a major deciding factor for you can also be the food as hostels only go so far as to think about their resident’s health and nutrition.


Co-living Spaces:

A great perk of opting for a co-living space such as ours is the flexibility you get in terms of lease agreements, curfew timings and other restrictions. From staying out a bit late to having your friends over, staying away from the campus in co-living spaces offers you relatively more freedom. In terms of leasing periods, this new-age student housing has both short and long-term rental options.

College Hostels:

Adherence to curfew hours is an important aspect of all college hostels. You will be expected to come back to the campus at a certain time and additionally there would also be a curb on visitors. Besides this, college hostels mostly operate yearly regarding the lease agreement and fee payment. 


Co-living Spaces:

The monthly rent of co-living spaces is inclusive of not just a room, but also the amenities which come attached to it. In comparison to college hostels, the rent might be on the higher side but considering the amenities included, you do get the better end of the bargain along with a lifestyle which is much like a home away from home.

College Hostels:

Since people from all backgrounds come into colleges, the rent for the hostels is comparatively less especially in government colleges but these subsidised prices tend to result in subpar amenities.

Safety Standards

Co-living Spaces:

All our single-room PGs in Greater Noida and other locations have top-notch security measures including CCTV camera surveillance, 24×7 security guards, biometric entry and lockers in rooms. Since safety is an important factor in co-living spaces, both you as a student and your parents remain stress-free.

College Hostels:

On-site hostels take security seriously however, the methods for the same remain outdated. Besides this, thefts are pretty common in rooms as not all of them have secure locks and common areas might also not have CCTV surveillance. 

Now that you have a clear picture, you should gear up to take the decision. If you to live in co-living spaces, then our pg in sec 62 Noida which is just 5 minutes away from universities such as Jaipuria, JSS, Jaypee and Symbiosis is all ready to welcome you. We also have PGs across different locations in Noida and the whole country. Just breeze through our website to find your favourite accommodation.

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