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Co-living: The Best Student Accommodation Options in Mumbai

September 15, 2022 | 12:39 PM By your-space
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You have just finished school and are now on your way to finding the best college for yourself. Mumbai will surely be on top of your university search as the city has some of the best and most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Besides this, it also has a rich culture, vast job opportunities, is safe for students and is located near the sea. All said and done, finding a place to stay in Mumbai is not an easy task especially if you are someone who is moving out from the comfort of your home for the very first time. The rent prices are soaring and college hostels come with limited capacity and substandard facilities. 

Students are finding the perfect escape from these issues with your-space accommodation which offers the ideal co-living experience in Mumbai. Our PGs/hostels in Mumbai are designed keeping in mind daily student requirements, their comfort and affordability. If you haven’t heard about this concept or don’t know the aspects which make it the best student accommodation option in Mumbai, we will break it down for you in this blog. Continue reading to know more!

What is co-living?

The concept of co-living is characterised by sharing a space such as a hostel or an apartment with other students or working professionals. Co-living PGs and hostels offer you private rooms and common spaces where you can interact with other residents. One key differentiating feature of a co-living space from conventional hostels and rental flats is that they provide you with all basic amenities inclusive of the monthly rent. Your-space PG for boys and girls offers all basic amenities besides providing students with a well-equipped gym, recreation space and TV lounges. 

Reasons to pick co-living as student accommodation in Mumbai

1 Friendly environment:

Co-living usually have people from the same age group living together such as students or working professionals, giving these places a chilled-out atmosphere. This solves one of the biggest challenges that students moving out of their homes for the first time face, i.e making new friends in a strange city. Your-space allows you to interact with other students freely by meeting up with them in common spaces or having meals together.

2 Safe and Secure:

Safety is a top concern for parents as their children move out to a new city. As compared to hostel life and living in rented apartments which lack technologically advanced safety features, your-space PGs come with CCTV surveillance, biometric security and 24×7 guards.

3 Budget-Friendly:

Rent in Mumbai is currently at an all-time high and it can be difficult to find accommodation within your budget. Co-living PGs offer affordable options which come with all basic amenities so that you don’t have to worry about your budget fluctuating every other month.

4 Convenient and Time-Saving:

Students living in co-living PGs don’t have to worry about chores such as cooking and cleaning. Facilities including housekeeping, laundry and home-style meals are present as a part of their monthly rent. Their location is also well-thought-out and in proximity to premiere institutions so that you can save time on travelling and money on transportation. 

5 Networking Opportunities:

Finding your way through a big city like Mumbai is not an easy feat. Besides attending classes, students are also required to put in effort in extracurriculars and internships. This is where networking opportunities from co-living come in and make student life easier and fun.

How to find co-living accommodation in Mumbai?

The importance of a comfortable and organised place to stay during your student life cannot be undermined. If you search for a PG near me on Google, you will find plenty of results, however, not all PGs and hostels provide a co-living experience combined with top-notch facilities. 

Your-space aims to make your student life in Mumbai as comfortable and fun as possible. Our co-living PGs are located near famous colleges in the city across a total of 12 locations including a PG in Andheri East, Malad, Powai and more. So if you are looking to find suitable accommodation just give us a call or drop us a text on WhatsApp and we will look for the best accommodation for you as per your requirements.

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