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Co-living space in Mumbai: The Ultimate Guide

July 30, 2022 | 12:48 PM By your-space
Co-living space


Mumbai, also known as Bombay or the city of dreams, is one of the most populated cosmopolitan. It has built a name for itself in domains spanning from finance to entertainment. It is no surprise that people flock to this city to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, thus giving rise to a popular concept known as Co-living. As the name implies, co-living is essentially the concept of living with many people in a shared space. 

It may not sound exciting, but it is one of the coolest ways to live and get to know someone new. Take Your-Space, for instance – our co-living spaces in Mumbai are the perfect way to transition to a new city and meet like-minded young people. Co-living, however, in no way translates into the invasion of space. You have your own bedroom and bathroom but share common spaces such as the living room, play area and break-out rooms in a very modern set-up. 

Co-living spaces in Mumbai offer the best of both worlds – the comfort of your own place and great experiences with people around you with varying perspectives and experiences.

Mumbai is densely populated and the real estate prices are extremely high making the task of searching for secure housing cumbersome. It is also difficult for bachelors to get houses as compared to families who are preferred by owners renting out their spaces. This makes Your-Space’s co-living setups in Mumbai a secure, affordable and convenient way to stay and if you are lucky in getting an apartment on rent or find yourself a paying guest, you may even find a PG in Heritage Building in South Mumbai. 

You can check out our co-living space in Sion, Andheri, BK and PG in Sion as our housing options are strategically located near business centres, educational institutes and corporate offices. 

How is co-living different from renting? 

Co-living is not like your typical shared rental situation as these spaces come packed with amenities including utilities and Wi-Fi. These spaces are fully furnished and do not require you to sign long-term leases. In a rented apartment you need to arrange for housekeeping and food, however, Your-Space includes housekeeping services and offers food. Everything is taken care of and you just have to pay your monthly fee. The property managers do repairs required in the building, take care of electricity costs and carry out other upkeep. 

Co-living in Mumbai has numerous benefits.

  1. You can stay in the posh areas of town without burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine a PG in Heritage Building South Mumbai; yes, a co-living space can make that happen!
  2. Access to multiple facilities such as laundry, food room cleaning, etc.
  3. Best of both worlds – personal space as well as discretionary social gatherings with the others.
  4. Flexible stay duration not bound by long leases.
  5. Affordable living options for expensive cities like Mumbai, compared to traditional rental options. 

Co-living is a great alternative to traditional living provisions such as renting an apartment, staying as paying guest or buying a house. Co-living also known as house-sharing, room-sharing or co-housing is a favoured trend in big cities. Places dedicated to co-living set-ups offer two-three bedroom units with other common areas such as a kitchen, a living room, and a dining area. This arrangement helps you interact with other people and provides you with privacy whenever you want, making it a win-win for you especially when you find yourself in a new place and starting a new phase of your life.

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