Career Options to Explore After School

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Are you a recent school graduate in India, wondering about job options? No matter if you’ve completed your education in science, arts, or commerce, this blog will help you explore career options that you can start right after school without needing a college degree. We’ll make it easy to understand and guide you through various jobs you can choose from. You’ve put in effort to finish your school years, and now it’s time to find a job. There are many choices out there, whether you like working with numbers, arts, or understanding people. Let’s explore the world of job options in science, arts, and commerce, and find the perfect fit for you.

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Common Career Options After School

After completing school, many students are eager to jump into the world of work. The good news is that there are numerous career paths you can pursue right after school without the need for a college degree. In this section, we will explore common career options after school, with a particular focus on PCM career options, which cater to those with a strong foundation in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. These career paths offer a gateway to exciting opportunities in various industries, showcasing the diverse range of options available to students who have just completed their school education. Whether you’re passionate about science, arts, or commerce, this section will shed light on the possibilities that await you as you embark on your post-school journey.

Before we dive into the best career options to explore after school, let’s look at some of the most common career choices that people make in India:

Science / PCM Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Lab Technician: Lab technicians are like the science superheroes in labs. They help scientists do cool experiments and tests. They make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. Lab technicians are the backbone of scientific research, and you can explore this exciting world without a college degree as part of your PCM career options.

Training Required: Diploma in Laboratory Technology.

  • Medical Lab Assistant: If you want to be a healthcare hero, you can become a medical lab assistant. They work in hospitals and labs, helping to study things like blood and tissues. It’s like solving medical mysteries. You don’t need a college degree for this, making it one of the fantastic PCM career options for you.

Training Required: Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.

  • Computer Programmer: If you’re into computers and love creating things, think about becoming a computer programmer. They write the secret codes that make software and apps work. You can be a tech wizard without going to college. Being a computer programmer is one of the coolest PCM career options you can explore right after school.

Training Required: Certificate or diploma in programming languages.

Arts Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Graphic Designer: If you have an artistic flair and love making things look stunning, graphic design might be your calling. Graphic designers craft eye-catching visuals for websites, ads, and more. You can bring your creative ideas to life and make brands shine.

Training Required: Graphic design courses or certifications.

  • Content Writer: If you’re a wordsmith at heart, consider a career as a content writer. You get to weave words into captivating articles, blogs, and website content. It’s a journey of storytelling and sharing knowledge.

Training Required: None, but writing skills are essential.

  • Photographer: For those passionate about freezing moments in time, becoming a photographer is a thrilling option. Whether it’s capturing events, shooting for magazines, or freelancing, you’ll paint pictures with your camera.

Training Required: Photography courses or workshops.

Commerce Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Data Entry Operator: If you’re a stickler for details and handy with computers, being a data entry operator is a great choice. You’ll feed important information into computer systems, ensuring accuracy and organization.

Training Required: Basic computer skills.

  • Retail Sales Associate: Want to learn about business and serve customers? Working as a retail sales associate in stores can be your first step. You’ll assist shoppers, gain customer service skills, and peek behind the scenes of business operations.

Training Required: On-the-job training.

  • Customer Service Representative: If you’re a good communicator and love helping people, being a customer service representative could be perfect. You’ll assist customers, answer their questions, and solve issues, often over the phone.

Training Required: Good communication skills.

Offbeat Career Options to Explore After School:

If you want to explore unique career paths that don’t fit into the traditional categories, here are some offbeat options:

Offbeat Science Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Meteorological Assistant: If you’re the kind of person who loves to check the weather forecast every day, being a meteorological assistant could be perfect for you among PCM career options. You get to help collect and study all the data that helps predict the weather. It’s like being a weather detective!

Training Required: Diploma in meteorology.

  • Sound Technician: Next on the list of offbeat PCM career options is Sound Technician! Imagine being backstage at concerts or movies, making sure the sound is just right. That’s what sound technicians do in the entertainment world. They set up and run the fancy sound equipment. It’s like being part of the magic behind the scenes.

Training Required: Sound engineering courses or certifications.

  • Robotics Technician: If you’re into robots and technology, becoming a robotics technician is super cool in the world of PCM career options. You’ll help build and take care of robots used in factories, hospitals, and more. It’s like working with futuristic machines!

Training Required: Diploma or certification in robotics.

Offbeat Humanities/Arts Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Tattoo Artist: If you’re an art enthusiast and love the idea of turning people’s skin into a canvas, a career as a tattoo artist could be one of the exciting career options to explore after school. You get to create stunning body art that tells stories and expresses emotions, all with your artistic flair.

Training Required: Apprenticeship with an experienced tattoo artist.

  • Event Planner: Are you the go-to person for planning awesome parties? Consider a career as an event planner among the many career options to explore after school. You’ll organize weddings, parties, and even big corporate gatherings, making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

Training Required: Event management courses or certifications.

  • Voice-over Artist: If your voice is your superpower, think about becoming a voice-over artist among the fantastic career options to explore after school. You can lend your unique voice to commercials, cartoons, and more, adding life and personality to characters and advertisements. Your voice can be your ticket to an exciting world of storytelling.

Training Required: Voice modulation and acting classes.

Offbeat Commerce Career Options to Explore After School:

  • Wine Sommelier: If you have a passion for wine and enjoy exploring different flavours, consider becoming a wine sommelier. Sommeliers are experts in wine, helping people choose the perfect wine for meals or special occasions.

Training Required: Certified sommelier training or wine-related courses.

  • Tea Taster and Blender: In a country that loves its tea, becoming a tea taster and blender can be a fascinating career choice. You’ll get to taste and mix various teas, creating unique blends for tea companies.

Training Required: Tea tasting and blending courses or a background in food science and technology.

  • Heritage Tourism Planner: If you’re interested in history and culture, becoming a heritage tourism planner can be a rewarding career. You’ll design tourism experiences that showcase historical sites and traditions, promoting India’s rich cultural heritage.

Training Required: Master’s in heritage management or tourism.

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FAQs about Career Options to Explore after School

Can I start a career immediately after completing school without a college degree?

Yes, you can start a career right after school without a college degree. There are various job options that do not require a higher education qualification.

Can I pursue a PCM career option without a college degree?

Yes, many PCM career options allow you to start right after school without needing a college degree. You can gain relevant skills through training and certifications.

Are there well-paying PCM career options for students who excelled in science and math in school?

Absolutely! Careers like computer programming, sound technicians, and meteorological assistants can offer good income opportunities for those looking for good PCM career options and have a strong foundation in science and math.

Can I switch to a different PCM career option later if I start with one after school?

Yes, you can switch to a different PCM career option later in your journey. Gaining experience and skills can open doors to various opportunities, providing flexibility in your career path.

What are the advantages of pursuing offbeat PCM career options right after school?

Pursuing offbeat PCM career options right after school can provide you with unique experiences, early entry into your chosen field, and the opportunity to develop specialized skills.

What if I’m interested in arts and creative fields? Can I find opportunities after school?

Yes, you can pursue creative careers such as graphic designer, content writer, or photographer with the skills you have developed during school.

Are there any commerce-related jobs for school graduates without a college degree?

Certainly, you can consider roles like data entry operator, retail sales associate, or customer service representative in the commerce field after school.

Can I change my career path later if I start with a job right after school?

Yes, you can change your career path later on. Education and skills acquired on the job can open doors to different opportunities, even if you start with a specific role after school.



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