Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Staying in a PG

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Moving to a new city is always a bittersweet experience. While you are excited about new opportunities and keen to explore the place and make new friends, you do often miss home and all your loved ones you left behind. Right from shortlisting from the 1000s of PGs for boys and girls to finding an affordable one that ticks off your checklist, often other things such as your eating habits, sleep schedule, and fitness can end up taking a back seat. There is so much to see and do, that even after weeks of moving into a new city, you often find yourself sleep deprived, eating erratically, and not having worked out or relaxed.

However, moving to a new city does not mean your fitness and health should be abandoned. With a few smart and simple tips, you can make your health a priority and follow a daily routine. Here are 4 best ways to stay fit and healthy while staying in a PG-

1) Start small but make sure to exercise

We live a very sedentary lifestyle – be it office, while travelling, or in our PGs. In order to remain healthy, we need to introduce 30 minutes of daily exercise into our routine. Try not to skip a single day; even if you have a busy day, take a stroll after your dinner. However, your day may be, make sure to clock in those steps. When you exercise, your body burns calories and you stay active which is super important to stay fit. Strengthen those muscles, improve your brain function and improve your immunity. Even a little movement daily can do wonders for your body.

2)Eat healthy food

A new city can get overwhelming. With so much to see and so much to do, what we eat is not given enough consideration. We may just grab a burger for lunch or end up skipping dinner when we are too lazy to cook. Your body should not be deprived of the right amount of nutrients and minerals.  Thus, what you eat becomes very important. your-space ensures convenience by providing home-style meals. They even have pantries on each floor making it easier for people to cater to their dietary requirements. Stock up on fruits, nuts, oats, and other easy-to-make nutritious food.

3)Sleep well 

Weekends can be an excuse for staying up late, but during the week, try and sleep on time and wake up on time. Sleep plays an important role in improving your overall health, both mental and physical. It heals and repairs your blood vessels and heart. Sleep deficiency can be linked to many diseases that you don’t want to contract.


Try and make this a group activity with your flatmates. Life has become very hectic these days and stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Take some time out in the day to do breathing exercises and meditate to relieve yourself of the stress. It benefits your overall health including your emotional well-being.

With gym and yoga rooms, a terrace garden or garden, along with group classes and also in-door games, we at your-space PG for boys and girls have you covered for everything ranging from eating habits and medical requirements to hygiene and lifestyle needs to help you stay in the best shape. Our PG for rent in Delhi, Dehradun or any other city is quite affordable without any bargain on comfort, accommodation, or amenities.

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