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Best Places to Watch the Latest Releases in Delhi

July 4, 2022 | 12:50 PM By Your-Space


For all the movie buffs, Delhi never fails to disappoint when it comes to some of the best viewing experiences. Who doesn’t love to catch the latest awesome releases at theatres in Delhi; albeit the same experience tends to get monotonous. To break this pattern and revamp your movie-watching experiences as Delhi offers some of the most unique theatres that are offbeat and offer the much-needed respite in your hectic student life. 

  1. 4DX at PVR 

PVR’s 4DX movie-watching experience in Gurgaon packs in oodles of excitement and fun all at once. This is PVR’s second 4DX movie experience in the city and ensures that the few hours you spend there are memorable and enthralling. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of 4DX – this is a motion picture technology that integrates environmental effects such as wind, fog, rain, seat motion scents, and lights along with the regular audio and video! This is a whole new vibe and way cooler than your basic 3D experience.  

  1. PVR Anupam, Saket

This movie theatre is an oldie but a goldie. PVR Anupam was the first multiplex in Delhi and going here to watch a movie back in the day was a real treat. While new and fancier multiplexes have cropped up, this has retained its charm and still offers a great movie experience. It is also one of the more affordable cinema multiplexes in the city. This is perfect for students as the tickets here are economical during the week and marginally costlier on the weekends. Do get out of your girls and boys PGs in Delhi and check this one out with your gang of college friends. 

  1. IMAX

Everyone enjoys a good movie now and then!! IMAX theatres in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi are another amazing way to watch the latest release you’ve been waiting for. IMAX is believed to offer the ‘World’s most immersive movie experience’ and a little luxury never hurt anybody. These theatres are opulent and lavish with leather seating. Their state-of-the-art technology will provide the ultimate 3D experience, one that you have never experienced before. The IMAX theatre boasts 9.1 meters high screen and an exclusive IMAX patented sound system that ensures an undeniably amazing movie experience. If you are living in a PG in Kailash Colony, head over to the IMAX at Select City walk to plunge into this incomparable experience. 

  1. Under The Stars

Under the stars is nothing like any of the conventional movie theatres you have been to. As the name suggests, this allows you to watch the latest releases in the open, under the stars. It breaks aways from the four-walled confinement of other theatres and allows you to catch your favourite flicks in an open environment, literally under the stars. Sunset Cinema Club arranges screenings of popular cult movies regularly so expect to watch ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, DDLJ, and the likes here. Perfect place for a date night!!

  1. Seven Star Movie Theatre INOX 

Seven Star Movie Theatre INOX was launched by popular actors Ileana D’Cruz and Ajay Devgan. This seven-star movie theatre in Nehru Place has elevated the movie-watching experience to the next level, making sure we enjoy every moment spent here. This is not your ordinary theatre, it touts the latest technology, laser projections, picture quality enhancement, unmatched sound quality, and high-resolution screens for clarity. It doesn’t end there; they have plush interiors and big comfortable recliners and an exclusive delectable menu by Vicky Ratnani. Wait for it – ever heard of a butler on call at a theatre, now you will. Enjoy this experience every time you and your friends need a break and want to spend some time in the lap of luxury. 

  1. Nothing like watching the movie in the common room of your PG

Last but not the least, watch the latest releases in the common room of your PGs. Nothing compares to the fun of you sitting with your roommates and enjoying a flick with some hot popcorn and chilled coke. The best thing about watching the movie in your PG is that you set the rules – you can pause when you want, break whenever you want and watch the movie at any time that you find convenient. Every your-space girls/ boys PG In Delhi is equipped with a common recreation area where people can chill out, catch up and watch those endless flicks and football games.

Check out our hostel near bungalow road, PG near north campus, PG in Kailash Colony or any your-space girls or boys PG In Delhi for an ultimate experience. 

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