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7 Best PGs Near Hot Chips Koramangala
Looking for your ideal PG near Hot Chips Koramangala? You’ve reached the perfect destination! This blog is where we present to you the ultimate guide to finding the perfect PG near Hot Chips in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Whether you're a student or a working professional, living close to this popular food joint can be a delightful experience. In this bustling neighborhood, we have handpicked the 7 best PGs offered by your space, known for its exceptional amenities and comfortable living spaces. Each of these PG near Hot Chips is strategically located, ensuring easy access to Hot Chips and other nearby attractions. From spacious rooms to modern facilities, each Bangalore PG with food by your space on this list offers a vibrant and community-driven environment, fostering friendships and memorable experiences. 

With safety and security being a top priority, you can rest assured that these PGs provide a safe haven for residents. So, join us as we explore the 7 best PG near Hot Chips Koramangala, where convenience, comfort, and delectable food are just steps away. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of finding your ideal home away from home.

your-space PG near Hot Chips 

PG near Koramangala for Girls

This PG near Hot Chips Koramangala and other major attractions and institutions is an ideal pick for girls looking for a home away from home. Minutes away from Christ University (Hosur Road), this is the perfect pick for female students. With premium amenities, services, and major public utilities around, this accommodation option makes for an all-in-one package deal! Exclusively for Girls, this PG near Hot Chips offers rooms in single, double-sharing, and premium double-sharing options - starting rent from INR 18,000.

PG near Koramangala for Boys

This PG near Hot Chips Koramangala and other major attractions and institutions is a perfect home away from home for male students and professionals alike. Minutes from Christ University and Accenture, this is a conveniently located accommodation. Rooms at this PG are available in single premium, double premium, double (budget), and quadruple occupancy options. All rooms come with high-quality amenities and the rent starts from INR 14,000.

PG in Electronic City for Girls

This PG near Hot Chips Koramangala, located in Electronic City is a highly sought accommodation - designed by your space. Perfect for females looking for a safe home away from home, this PG comes with all basic and luxurious services and amenities. Available in multiple regular and premium occupancy options going up to triple sharing, the rooms are private, hygienic, and spacious. Minutes from Wellingkar, PES University, and major food and entertainment destinations, the strategic location of this PG makes it the ideal pick. The rent starts from INR 13,000.

PG in Electronic City for Boys & Girls

This co-living space and PG near Hot Chips by your space is one of the best examples of an ideal Bangalore PG with food! Minutes from Wellingkar and PES University, this PG welcomes both male and female students/professionals. With top-notch security systems and high-quality amenities, this accommodation option in Electronic City is popular among young people looking for a comfortable home away from home.

PG in Bannerghatta for Boys

With rent starting from an affordable package of INR 20,000, this PG near Hot Chips Koramangala is a popular pick among male students and professionals. Available in multiple occupancy options (single, double-sharing, and 1 BHK), this PG exclusively for boys is an ideal second home for people looking for accommodation near or around NMIMS Bangalore or Christ University Bannerughatta. With premium amenities like Wi-Fi, spacious fully furnished rooms, attached washrooms; and high-quality services including home-style food, laundry, and housekeeping - this PG makes for a comfortable stay.

PG in Bannerghatta for Girls - I

Just a few minutes away from Christ College, Jain College, NMIS, this PG near Hot Chips available in multiple budget and premium package options is an ideal home for female students and professionals. Spacious fully furnished A/C rooms, attached washrooms, and other premium amenities make this PG ideal for females looking to stay in Bannerughatta. With rent starting from INR 17,300, this accommodation is a premium affordable option in the city.

PG in Bannerghatta for Girls - II

This premium PG near Christ University and NMIMS Bengaluru allows female students to find an ideal home-like accommodation in the city. This Bangalore PG with food offers all basic and popular luxurious amenities that create the perfect student-living environment. Available in occupancy options like double sharing (budget, double sharing (premium), and 1 BHK, the rent in this PG starts from an affordable amount of INR 11,200 only.


FAQs about 7 best PGs near Hot Chips Koramangala


Q: What makes your-space PGs near Koramangala stand out?

A: your-space PGs near Koramangala offer a perfect blend of modern amenities, spacious rooms, and a vibrant community atmosphere, making them a popular choice among residents.


Q: Are the your-space PGs near Hot Chips in Koramangala suitable for students?

A: Absolutely! your-space PGs near Hot Chips Koramangala cater to the needs of students with their proximity to educational institutions, comfortable study spaces, and a supportive environment.


Q: Do your-space PGs near Hot Chips in Koramangala provide 24/7 security?

A: Yes, security is a top priority at your-space PGs. They ensure round-the-clock security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.


Q: Are the your-space PGs near Hot Chips in Koramangala co-ed or gender-specific?

A: The brand offers both co-ed and gender-specific PGs near Hot Chips in Koramangala, providing residents with a choice based on their preferences.


Q: Are there any additional facilities provided by these PGs near Koramangala?

A: Yes, apart from comfortable rooms, your-space PGs offer amenities like high-speed internet, laundry services, recreational areas, fully equipped kitchens, and regular housekeeping.


Q: Can I expect a sense of community at your PGs near Koramangala?

A: Absolutely! your-space fosters a strong sense of community by organizing events, workshops, and social activities, allowing residents to connect and make lasting friendships.


Q: How can I book a PG near Hot Chips Koramangala?

A: Booking a PG with your space in Koramangala is easy. Visit their official website, browse through the available options, and follow the simple booking process to secure your accommodation.

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