Best Iconic Food Spots In Bangalore

August 12, 2022 | 4:53 PM By your-space
Lake view milk bar


India’s IT Hub is home to some of the most iconic eateries few of which have been around since the 1900s. These renowned restaurants combined with the city’s latest fine-dine restaurants and cocktail bars make Bangalore a foodie’s haven. Even as the new restaurants continue to be added to the city’s food scene, vintage eateries continue to rule with their classic dishes including Rava idli,  authentic Sunday Roast, frothy beer and not to be missed Bangalore coffee.

You can learn so much about the city’s culture and its people by visiting the places which have been around for so many years. Hence, as a student living in Bangalore, these iconic eateries should be on your bucket list. 

Koshy’s (1952):

A reflection of Bangalore’s charm, Koshy’s started as a bakery in 1940 and now stands tall on St. Mark’s Road having served Queen Elizabeth II and Jawaharlal Nehru. Kerala fried chicken, Prawn Biryani, chicken live roast and vegetable cutlets along with filter coffee are some of the must-haves here.

MTR (1924):

Deep Diving MTR Business Model & Story - The Strategy Story

Image Credit:- The Strategy Story

South Indian dishes do not get any better than the ones found at MTR. The iconic restaurant has retained its age-old recipes and continues to serve some of the best idlis, dosas and filter coffee in Bangalore.

CTR Shri Sagar (1920):

Renowned for its Bene (butter) Dosa, CTR is a Bangalore favourite when it comes to breakfast. CTR captures the old-world charm of the city with its rustic interiors and the food here is surely worth any amount of wait. Don’t miss out on their idli, vada, poori, Kesari bhath, and filter coffee while you are here.

The Only Place (1965):

One of the city’s most famous steakhouses, The Only Place is renowned for its choicest steaks and delicious burgers and is a must-visit for meat lovers. 

Lake View Milk Bar (1930):

Catering to Bangaloreans’ sweet tooth, this milk bar is famous for its wide variety of milkshakes, sandwiches and ice creams. Their banana split, chocolate fudge, and strawberry scoops should not be missed. 

Pecos (1980):

Pecos, Brigade Road, Bangalore | Zomato

Credit:- Zomato

If you are looking for that rock n roll ambience with great food and beer on the side, Pecos is the place to be. The restaurant is renowned for its pork dishes and retro ambience and is a must-visit with your friends. 

India Coffee House (1957):

True to its name, the famous eatery serves some of the best filter coffee, masala dosa and beetroot cutlets in the city. Despite several fancy coffee shops in Bangalore, India Coffee House has maintained its charm as a cult favourite. 

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