Best and Safe Places to Stay in Mumbai

April 2, 2022 | 11:01 AM By YourSpace
Place to live in mumbai

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Mumbai is one of the finest destinations to live in. The city’s vibrant culture, nightlife, cuisines, and places of attractions make it a city unlike any other in India. The city is also the financial capital of India and an education hub. The presence of leading multinationals and top-rated colleges makes Mumbai a preferred destination for job seekers and students. A bustling city, Mumbai is also one of the country’s safest metropolitans, especially for women. If you are planning to stay as a paying guest in Mumbai, there are many high-quality PGs that you will find here. So if you are relocating to Mumbai for work or study, here are a few places that you can consider.


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Colaba is home to numerous attractions like the Gateway of India, museums, gardens, monuments, etc. Besides reputed hotels like the Taj Mahal Palace, there are many budget-friendly eateries in the locality that would appeal to students and professionals. The proximity of good colleges and the availability of good accommodation make Colaba a preferred locality for students. From eating out to shopping and other exciting activities, there is a lot that students can do at Colaba.


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Andheri is located in Mumbai’s western part and is the city’s employment hub. Many well-known companies are present in Andheri. At Andheri, you will also find some good colleges like Chanakya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, and many others. This makes Andheri a sought-after locality for both students and professionals. The locality is well-connected to the other parts of Mumbai, is teeming with people, and has good restaurants and pubs. Andheri offers good and safe living standards.


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If you are looking for a place to stay in Mumbai, there is no better locality than Bandra. The suburb has a great culture, is known for its unique collection of street art, and is notable for its many places of interest like Jogger’s Park, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Hill Road, Linking Road, Bandra Fort, etc. Bandra has many cafes, shopping centres and other areas where people can enjoy their leisure time. Traveling from Bandra to other parts of the city is not a problem as the locality is well-connected by bus and train. You can also easily find an auto-rickshaw or a cab to commute.

Mumbai is a safe city and offers a high standard of living to residents and tourists. The quality of accommodation in the city is very high and some state-of-the-art PGs are being operated by leading names like your-space. The company’s PG in Kalina and other parts of the city are well located and comprise numerous amenities. The boys & girls hostel in Kalina is close to many institutions and is extremely safe.






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