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Art, Books, Food and more: Things to do in Koramangala, Bangalore

November 23, 2022 | 2:05 PM By your-space
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One of the most popular neighbourhoods in Bangalore, Kormangala is the place to be with its swanky restaurants, bustling markets and an endless stream of entertainment options. The area is also renowned as being home to famous startups, prestigious educational institutions such as Christ University and the prominent Forum Mall. If you are a student or working professional living in or near this area of the city, then you will have numerous options to choose from concerning leisure and recreation. 

To help you out with planning your weekend scenes, we have curated this list of the best experiences that Koramangala has to offer. Select one or more to make your upcoming holidays fun. 

For The Foodies 

A Guide To South Indian Food - Sukhi's

The Hole In The Wall Cafe: An iconic breakfast spot of Koramangala, The Hole In The Wall Cafe lives up to the hype with its delicious dishes such as Ferrero Waffles, Farmer’s Breakfast and Chilli Chicken Burger. 

Dyu Art Cafe: Located in a Kerala-style bungalow complete with an open courtyard, books, board games and a gabled roof, Dyu Art Cafe is a must-visit in Koramangala. Make sure to try their Margherita Pizza, Chicken Melt Sandwich and Banoffee Pie while here

Chinita: If you are in the mood for authentic Mexican cuisine, then Chinita will have your big nod of approval once you are done with your meal. They also serve vegan and vegetarian options such as Roasted Cauliflower Tacos and Almond Horchata.

Bamey’s Restro Cafe: Host of the Spiciest Momo Challenge, Bamey’s Restro Cafe brings you authentic flavours of Nepal right in Koramangala. Their Jhol and Kothey Momos, Thukpa and Nepali Thakhali Thali are must-haves here.

Explore The Fun-Filled Nightlife 

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Koramangala Social: A rooftop setting along with the OG Social vibe and food is all you will need to kickstart your weekend. Whether you want to just enjoy a laidback evening with good food and drinks or enjoy a hearty lunch, Social won’t disappoint either way.

The Bier Library: Fresh craft beer on tap, delicious pizza, an open-air setting and a Koi pond feature are just a few of the many reasons you should head to this eatery in Koramangala. Additionally, they also have live music to keep you entertained as you enjoy your time.

The Local-Terrace Drinkery: Good food and great beer are not the only things that The Local offers. The terrace space has an amazing ambience making it a regular amongst locals and visitors alike. 

The Ones Who Enjoy Art And Culture 

Atta Galatta: An amazing space which combines culture, books, art and food, Atta Galatta in Koramangala should be visited by all. The space has a collection of over 1000 books and is a regular host to events ranging from pottery sessions to plays, book readings and story-telling sessions.

The Riddle: An opportunity to escape the ordinary while having a fun-filled time, The Riddle is an escape room where you are locked and have to figure your way out using puzzles and clues. Surely sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend!

Trayah Pottery: If you are looking for something relaxing then you can try your hand at learning the art of pottery at Trayah Pottery. While there, you can buy a few things to decorate your home

Book-Lovers Unite 

Little Free Library: A paradise for all book lovers, this place allows you to exchange books with other readers at absolutely no cost. The cute library hosts book drives to add to their collection and also has a restaurant named Om Pure Veg Restaurant where you can indulge in delicious dishes such as Sabudana Khichdi, Poha and Gulab Jamun.

Sapna Book house: Spread over 3 floors, Sapna Bookhouse is a haven for all books and stationery lovers. Besides the latest books from all genres, the place also offers academic books, board games, stationary cards gifts and even digital accessories.

For The Love Of Shopping

Forum Mall: In the mood for serious shopping? Then you just cannot miss out on Forum Mall. An iconic landmark of Koramangala, the mall has numerous branded stores including Adidas, Nike, Fabindia, Tommy Hilfiger, Metro, Miniso and more.

Spice Girls: Bangalore living cost for students is high as it is, so you will surely be happy to save a few bucks at Spice Girls. They offer a wide range of shoes, clothes and bags that you can get at pretty affordable prices if you are willing to bargain. 

Koramangala has something for everyone to experience a fun-filled time. Our PGs in Koramangala not only make your stay comfortable but are also accessible to all the places mentioned above. Besides this area, we at your-space also offer hostels in YELAHANKA BANGALORE and affordable pg rooms in Bannerghatta to make your stay in the city amazing!

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