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October 23, 2020 | 1:29 PM By Bhavika Motwani
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Indore, also known as Mini-Mumbai is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Indore is famous for many reasons, starting from serving the best street food to being a hub of Business and settlements for many investments. Indore is also known for having a variety of handicrafts, beautiful designs of bangles and beautiful handlooms, which are not found anywhere else in the world. The exquisiteness, the colours, the material everything is unique about the handlooms found here.

Apart from business, Indore is also the only city in the country to have both IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) and IIM (Indian Institute Of Management) which is a huge deal.

Indore has a rich history, the city is filled with so many Palaces and Monuments. The city has a lot of greenery and waterfalls which makes it a famous tourist attraction. Indore serves really tasty food and here are some of the top restaurants in Indore you must try!

1) Oiya

Oiya is one of the most spoken about restaurants for all the right reasons. From interiors to service and food, everything just seems perfect. The best part about the place is that it serves everything at literally the lowest price when compared to others.

This Indore restaurant has extremely posh interiors and the seating is very comfortable and unique. The serving style of the restaurant is also different when compared to others.

Being amongst the best restaurants in Indore, if you are interested in having Fast food and North Indian food with the perfect ambience, Oiya is the place to go to. It is one of the best restaurants in Indore for dinner.

Cost for two: 300/- INR
Location: DM Tower, UG- ⅘, Janjeerwala Square, Near Time Coaching

2. Kebabsville

Kebabsville is located in Sayaji Hotel. As the name suggests, it’s known for its kebabs. Kebabsville serves North Indian cuisine, Kebabs being the speciality. Kebabsville serves one of the best meat curries in Indore. Known for being amongst the Indore’s best restaurants, the barbecue grilled kebab is also well spoken of.

Along with very comfortable seating, the restaurant has a great ambience with a perfect pool-side view and excellent service. The design, space and interior of the restaurant is very good looking and that’s what attracts the customers here most along with the food.
Perfect ambience and mouth-watering food is indeed a perfect combination for dining.  It is one of the best restaurants in Indore for dinner.

Cost for two: 2000/- INR
Location: Sayaji Hotel, H-1, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar
PG in Indore

3. Vidorra

This one is for all the party -lovers, Vidorra is on the terrace of a building. It is also one of the top 10 restaurants in Indore. The seating, service and the interiors are very fascinating and in the night, one should visit this place to experience the nightlife in Indore.

This Indore restaurant serves North Indian and Indian Chinese cuisine. when you dine here, be it in the night or in the afternoon, the view you get to see while seating, is like watching Indore from the top. Yes, the view seems to have the whole city covered. The services of the restaurant are also well spoken of and the ambience is loved by all.

Cost for two: 2000 /- INR
Location: 1001, Rooftop, Shekhar Central, Palasia Square, Old Palasia

4. The Square

One of the most known Five-Star hotels in Indore, Sayaji Hotel, is where the square is. The square serves North Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisine. Its food is one of the highest-rated on various apps and also excellent reviews are given by everybody who has visited here. The quality of food here, at The Square, is too good to be true.

With luxurious interiors, the ambience adds to the charm of the place and therefore it is considered as a famous restaurant in Indore. The service provided here is very quick and even though a little overpriced compared to other good restaurants in Indore, this one is worth trying if you are in the mood for some pampering.

Cost for two: 1800/-INR
Location: H/1, Scheme No.54, Vijay Nagar

5. Cafe Terraza-Rooftop Cafe

This is a rooftop café and is one of the best restaurants in Indore for dinner. This eatery is extremely famous for various reasons. The cafe is known because of its ambience and that it is on the rooftop. It is surely one of the best Indore restaurants in terms of ambiance. The interior of the cafe is unbelievably beautiful. People always enjoy it here because of the atmosphere created.

The cafe serves Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine. The food here is also very known and the service provided here is also very well spoken of and that the reviews have been quite pleasing. Overall, for you to enjoy fresh air, gorgeous view and amazing food, this is the place in Indore.

Cost for two: 700/- INR
Location: 10th Floor, Arien Heights, AB rd, LIG colony

6. Shreemaya Celebrity

The Shreemaya Celebrity in Indore is ranked as the 3rd best restaurant in Indore for dinner. For its cosy seating and simple yet unique interior, Shreemaya Celebrity Restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Indore. As the name says Celebrity, Celebration of Food is what they mean and so the food served here is also very well spoken of.

Here, the restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine. The service provided is quite good and its also budget-friendly and that’s something most of us look for, so when in Indore, Shreemaya Restaurant should be a must-visit.

Cost for two: 500/- INR
Location: Hotel Shreemaya, AB Road, Press Complex

7. Nafees Restaurant

For every Chicken and Meat lover, Nafees restaurant is the place. The restaurant has a lot of variety in the Non-Vegetarian section to offer and there are specials in almost every category, Nafees Restaurant should be your one-stop destination to experience the best flavours of meat and chicken when in Indore. It is one of the top restaurants in Indore.

The interior and the seating seems relatively good and the restaurant theme is vintage, like some old Mughlai place. The restaurant is nicely spacious and definitely amongst the best dinner places in Indore. The service of the restaurant and the food is very nice and well-spoken of.

Cost for two: 800/- INR
Location: Apollo Avenue, 30-B, Greater Kailash Road, New Palasia

8. Mangosteen Cafe

What attracts the most here is the seating arrangements, they’re certainly the most comfortable ones. People come here often to relax and enjoy the delicious food.

The cafe serves the best Italian food and Coffees and in fact as comes under top 10 restaurants in Indore, the cafe is also known as one of the best coffee shops and an amazing place to chill and have some amazing Italian food within the budget.

Apart from being a relaxing place to hang out, the cafe also uses recycled materials in its decor and promotes artists by giving them a venue to showcase their work. The lively ambience makes it  one of the most unique restaurants in Indore and also a perfect place for you to visit when in Indore.

Cost for two: 700/- INR
Location: No ⅘, 5th floor, Pushpratna Solitaire, New Palasia

9. O2 Cafe de la Ville- A popular Joint

In Indore, O2 Cafe de la Ville is very popular not just because it is a cafe that serves really great food but also because people coming here also get to enjoy reading books. If you are looking for a best places to eat in Indore, this is the place for you!

Doing something interesting when you’re hopping on some food is something everyone loves and Indore has it. The cafe offers you amazing Fast Food, Chinese and North Indian cuisine and you’re also allowed to take any book and read.

This has become very popular in Indore as many people enjoy reading books while eating, so if you’re a book-lover and a food-lover too, this cafe should be a must-visit.

Cost for two: 600/- INR
Location: 23/2C, Scheme No 55, Lala Banarasila Dawar Marg, New Palasia

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