7 Shopping Places in Mumbai for the Best Retail Therapy

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Mumbai is a glorious city full of vivid colours, sights, and sounds. It is a city full of life, of resilient people who are always looking to live a better life. From the ubiquitous party scene to the joyful Ganesh puja celebrations, from Eid to Christmas, Mumbaikars celebrate every occasion they can. And this certainly entails a great deal of shopping too. Mumbai is the place to be if you enjoy haggling, street shopping, and retail therapy. From the colourful bazaars lining the streets to the swankiest of malls – Mumbai has it all. Let’s take a look at some of the best places you can go and steal a deal in the “City that Never Sleeps”.

PG in Mumbai

  1. Colaba Causeway – The Colaba Causeway Market is a delight to people of all ages. From clothing and apparel to junk jewellery, from accessories and footwear to bags and home decor, there is hardly anything that you cannot find here. Do not forget to haggle or stop for a bite at the famous Leopold’s Cafe.
  2. Crawford Market – Housed in an old colonial setting, Crawford market is one of the main wholesale markets in the city. Fruits and vegetables, fabrics and crockery, apparel and footwear, stationery and make-up – this market never fails to amaze with its variety. Do not forget to visit the pet market here.
  3. Zaveri Bazaar – Zaveri Bazaar Mumbai is India’s answer to Dubai’s Gold Souk. But with a twist. The market was and is dedicated to gold, jewellery, and precious stones. The numerous gold jewellers of the city have set up shop here and there are numerous outlets that sell certified precious and semi-precious stones as well. In recent years, this has become the hub for costume jewellery shopping as well.
  4. Kala Ghoda Art Plaza – The Kala Ghoda Art Plaza is an art gallery like no other. It is a street market for some of the most beautiful art pieces you will come across. Inspired by the Kala Ghoda art festival, enthusiasts in the city set up this market to showcase the talent of the city.
  5. Linking Road – The Linking Road Shopping Center is a treasure trove for the younger crowd. Those who are native Mumbaikars and those who have recently moved to the city for education and work and live in PGs in Mumbai, come here to buy gorgeous attires and accessories, fancy bags, and funky jewellery. The book market on Linking Road is a favourite of Mumbaikars.
  6. Phoenix Market City – The Phoenix Market City is the biggest mall in the city of Mumbai and offers a grand shopping experience. As the mall tagline goes, it offers a “Larger than Life” experience with 190,000 square meters of retail space. The mall showcases the best of brands from India and global fashion houses.
  7. Infiniti Mall – The Infiniti Mall at Andheri is one of the oldest malls in Mumbai. It promises to be “The Mall with Infinite Experience”. Built-in over 23,000 square meters of area, it houses great brand stores, a multiplex, numerous restaurants, and a food court.

Mumbai is home to numerous other malls and street shops. Each neighbourhood has its favourite marketplace and bargain shopping is a way of life. To savour the true Mumbai experience, it is important to hunt for the steals and find them for just the right price. If you are a tourist, stay at one of the PGs in Mumbai and enjoy life on a shoestring – the Mumbaikar way.

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