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7 Reasons Why Bangalore Is A Great Place For College Students
When selecting a college or university for higher education it is also important to consider the institute’s location. Depending on the course you would like to pursue, a particular city might have more career scope as compared to other places. This is especially true for Bangalore which is home to some of India’s best corporates and startups and is hailed as the IT Hub of our country. As the city has grown into a corporate magnate over the last few decades, it has also emerged as an educational centre which welcomes students from across India and the globe.

Bangalore has embraced modernity with open arms and is, therefore a top choice for students and professionals alike. The city has some of the most amazing educational facilities and equally exciting leisure activities, culture and food.

Here are some other reasons why Bangalore is a great place for  college students: 

1)Numerous College Options:

Bangalore has some of the best and most prestigious educational institutes in India including Christ University, NMIMS, Pearl Academy and Bangalore Institute of Technology. The city offers courses in all fields including commerce, finance, science, arts, medicine, and film-making and houses more than 125 Research and Development centres in the field of IT and aerospace.

2)Great Leisure Activities:

The city is a culmination of cultures and has plenty of recreation spots, food options and shopping places. Bangalore has a great nightlife with the best pubs and discos such as HardRock Cafe, Toit and Sutra. It also has an array of shopping malls, amusement parks and cafes. If you are a nature enthusiast you can always head to one of its many attractions such as Lal Bagh, Wonderla, Freedom Park, and Bannerghatta National Park with your friends.

3)Amazing Weather:

If there is one thing that always comes to mind when talking about Bangalore, is its spectacular weather throughout the year. This is especially advantageous for students who have lived in extreme weather conditions throughout their life and want a change. 

4)Advanced Accommodation Choices:

Since Bangalore has always been technologically advanced as compared to its contemporary metropolitans, it is quick to embrace and implement change. This is also reflected in the accommodation options available here which go beyond hostels and rental apartments. The city also has the concept and convenience of co-living spaces for students which are much more comfortable and affordable as compared to other options. Your-space also has its pgs strategically located near several famous educational institutions in Bangalore including  PG in Soladevanahalli and ladies pg in Yelahanka. We offer a host of amenities at affordable prices for a fun and convenient stay for students in Bangalore.


When it comes to Indian students, safety is often a deciding factor in terms of selecting a location for higher education. Bangalore is a safer option, especially for students as compared to many other cities in India.

6)Career Opportunities:

Some of the best tech companies, MNCs, agencies and startups have earned Bangalore its title of the silicon valley of India. This is great for students who come here, as they often find themselves with competitive jobs even before they complete their college education. Not only jobs but living in Bangalore also gives students exciting internship opportunities besides giving them exposure to different industries as they are trying to figure out their careers. If you see yourself working in tech, then you should surely consider colleges in Bangalore to pursue your engineering or other technology-related courses.

7)Ample Food Options:

Bangalore surely loves its food! From street food to fine-dine restaurants, the city does not let you down with its variety and choices. Students are spoilt for choice while living in Bangalore, especially with its iconic eateries such as The Only Place, MTR, Vidhyarti Bhavan,  Indian and more that should surely be explored with your college gang. 

It is difficult to select the best college and course for yourself in one go and if Bangalore is on your list then you should surely get in touch with us over WhatsApp or a call so that we can help you find the most suitable accommodation for you. Your-space has a pg in Koramangala for males, a pg in Bannerghatta road and several other locations. As one of the best pg in Bangalore with food, your-space provides you with the best amenities at the most affordable rates to make your stay in Bangalore as a student as comfortable as possible.

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