7 PG Features That Make a Student’s Life Easier

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Of course, PG life can be great fun. But at the same time, we might be faced with several challenges, especially when it comes to managing everything on our own. In fact, with the due course of time, we eventually mould and adapt to this new way of life. However, when it comes to moving into your first paying guest facility ever, it might help to be mindful of a few features that can potentially make your lives easier. Here is a list of such features given below.

Cozy, comfy & welcoming common rooms

Let’s face it; humans are social creatures and too many students opt for PG accommodation over anything else – not only because they are affordable, but also because it allows them to meet other students coming in from different cities. That said, there’s nothing better than to hang out with new friends in a comfortable PG common area that invites people to come and mingle! This not only helps enhance the level of comfort and interaction but also makes it a whole lot easier for students to meet other people. Rest assured, you wouldn’t have to spend your days in solitude!

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Lots of clean, hygienic & working bathrooms

Living in a paying guest house with dirty, unhygienic bathrooms is every student’s worst nightmare. What’s even worse is if you have to share bathrooms. Imagine having to wait in queues at the start of the day – wouldn’t that be a massive turn-off? This is precisely why you must look for- PG accommodations that have clean, nice, and fully functional bathrooms (plenty of them) to make your stay a more comfortable one.

Well-behaved & knowledgeable staff

If you’re looking for the best PG in Delhi, remember that having well-behaved and educated staff members around can actually make a huge difference. Some of the best paying guest facilities usually have friendly and helpful staff members. Let’s assume your paying guest facility has a cook who doesn’t take into consideration the palate of every individual. Wouldn’t that be an absolute nightmare? However, when you have knowledgeable, kind & well-behaved staff on board, there’s very little to worry about because rest assured, they’ll take care of everything.

How well connected is the PG to local transport?

None of us wants to end up in the wrong place. And none of us should have to take three autos to be able to get there either. Typically, the cheaper the PG is, the further away it is from the core focus. You should preferably have affordable restaurants, as well as some sort of transport facility – not more than ten minutes walk away.

Free breakfast

Who doesn’t love free stuff? When it comes to breakfast, especially for us Indians, it goes beyond just bread, tea, or coffee. Imagine waking up early every morning to have breakfast in bed. No rushing, no early morning cooking before stepping out for college or office. Even a plate of paranthas would be ideal at this point!

Free Wi-Fi

It is 2021. Almost every PG accommodation today offers free Wi-Fi. And if you’re being charged for Wi-Fi, know that it’s unnecessary. Always remember, good-paying guest accommodations always have just enough Internet terminals that can be used. Its expenses are also included in the prices you pay for your bed. So, you shouldn’t necessarily have to pay for it.

Who’s doing the laundry?

The more facilities offered by your PG, the more convenient your student life can be. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply drop off your laundry bag right at the entrance instead of having to look for a place far away for getting your laundry done? So, if your PG provides a laundry facility, it can’t get better than that!

In a nutshell, whether you’re looking for a pg near gargi college in Delhi or anywhere across the country, Your-Space is your best bet. A unit of Ashimara Housing Pvt Limited, it is India’s premier student housing brand offering only the best PG accommodations.

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