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7 Fun Things To Do With Your Roommate To Get Into A Festive Vibe
With the festive season in full swing, it won’t be a big surprise if you are stuck in a different city such as Bangalore because of work or studies. But that doesn’t have to mean that you cannot start preparing for the celebrations. These preps can be made even more fun when you have someone to share the tasks and activities with, especially a roommate. Since you both are in pretty much the same situation probably living in student housing in Bangalore, you will probably understand each other better and hype each other up to get into the festive spirit.

From shopping to trying your hand at cooking something new, there are tonnes of things that you can try with your roomie as you gear up for the festive season away from home. Here are some of our suggestions to make your stay at the your-space pg during the ongoing festive vibes even more fun. 

Deep clean your room:

As an Indian student, you will be surely aware that ‘Diwali ki Safai’ is much different from your everyday regular cleaning. Your version of this while staying away from home can be cleaning out your closet, collecting old shoes, clothes, bags or any other college things that you don’t use, clearing up your study space and setting up your room for decoration. This process is even more enjoyable when done with your roomie. Even though our PGs have regular housekeeping services, cleaning out your personal space can help you relax and get started for the festivities.

Decorate your room:

One of the most effective ways to get into a celebratory mood is by decorating the space you live in with your roomie. Think flowers, fairy lights, candles and other decors that can spruce up your room for the festive season. Once done, you and your roomie can also click a few aesthetic pictures for your Insta-feed and even invite your other college friends or PG mates over.

Head for a festive shopping spree:

While staying away from home for work or studies, your wardrobe might not be in the best of conditions to attend festivities in your workspace or college. Heading for a shopping spree with your roomie is just the right answer for it. If you are living in one of our safe PGs in Bangalore for females, you will have easy access to various street markets and malls to stock up on ethnic clothes, jewellery and other accessories.

Do a collection drive to help people in need:

As you and your roomie go about cleaning up for festivities, you are sure to collect a few old clothes, books, shoes or accessories that you don’t need anymore. Instead of discarding them, you can collect them all up and send them to any charitable organization in your area, cause nothing spreads festive cheer better than helping people in need.

Host a game night:

From card games to board games, there are plenty of ways to have a fun time with your friends. To make the event even more fun, you can decide on a theme such as a Bollywood night or Halloween night. Simply bring in some snacks and play the evening away to spread the festivities around. Hosting your buddies will make your festive experience away from home even more wholesome.

Check out the festive events in the city:

Almost all cities in India, especially metropolitans such as Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have several events that celebrate the festive season. From shopping pop-ups to Garba nights and Diwali Melas, you can find plenty of exciting events to attend with your roommates. These events usually tend to take place over the weekends so you won’t even be missing out on your study schedule. 

Explore your artistic side:

As you get ready to head home for Diwali, you and your roommate get together to create some cute handmade gifts for your family. Be it cards, paintings or any other decorative item, you can easily find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. The activity is sure to transport you to your school days when you had to dig into your creativity for the arts and crafts period. 

Living away from home, especially during the festive season can be a difficult task especially when you have just moved out. But it is a part of ‘adulting’ and you might as well take it in stride. Make the most of your time by indulging in the above activities with your roommates. 

At your-space we make try to make your stay comfortable so that you get the feeling of being at home away from home. We have plenty of options including a single-room PG in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and other educational cities in India. Just give us a call or drop us a WhatsApp message to find the perfect accommodation for yourself.


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