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7 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Roommate On Their Birthday

October 19, 2022 | 11:32 AM By your-space
indoor plant


Appreciating a good roommate who keeps up with your busy routine, checks up on you, helps you out with tasks and is the ultimate ice cream partner is truly important. More so when you’ve had a not-so-fun or truly bad experience with a roommate earlier. As much as you appreciate your roomie, it is also of the essence that you show how grateful you are for them from time to time, be it through treating them to coffee, sneaking in chocolate in their bag or getting them a useful and unique gift, especially on their birthday. 

While your roommate might want the latest iPhone or a designer bag, we all understand that being “broke” is a part of the college experience and as much as you might want to indulge, sometimes it just won’t be possible. But this does not by any way means that you can’t find something meaningful for your roomie on a budget. It depends on how creative you can get and how you make use of your eye for good things. To make your task easier, here are some gift ideas that you can get your roommate for their birthday.


A common consensus amongst college students these days is that all of them love jewellery. Be it quirky Y2K necklaces, chunky clay rings or cute bracelets, there are plenty of options that you can pick from for the ultimate birthday gift for your roomie. If you want to make the gift even more memorable, you can opt for personalised jewellery such as name necklaces or bestie rings. 


Everyone should have a few makeup essentials whether they are enthusiastic about putting it on or not. A good eyeliner, concealer, blush, lip gloss, lip balm and mascara are just a few items that you can add to a makeup hamper to gift to your roommate. You can add even more items to this list if your friend loves getting dressed up. There are plenty of budget brands that offer amazing products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Perfect for your roommate who always plans and is useful for college students in general, a planner makes for a great birthday gift. There are numerous types of planners available online that you can pick from and even personalisation is possible for those. Maybe make the gift even more special by adding your bestie’s favourite song lyrics or quote to the cover?!


An well-suited gifted for a stressed friend, candles are a lovely room decor and at the same time the scented ones can also help your roomie relax after a long day of studying or work. There are plenty of designs, scents and patterns available that you can pick from. 


Everybody should take care of their skin and if your roommate is one of those people who forget to put on sunscreen before heading out, then you have found the perfect birthday gift for them. Thinks scented soaps, shower gels, moisturisers, sheet masks, lip oils and more, that you can pick out for your roomie for a much-needed pampering session. 


A gift that is both stylish and useful, a backpack is a great choice of gift especially if your roommate tends to get messy and keeps on losing things when going to college. You can select from ample options available online or in-store and pick the one that matches your bestie’s aesthetic. 

Coffee Tumbler/ Tea Mug:

If your room is scattered with coffee cups from Starbucks or ones from the tea stall, then it is time you find the permanent solution and gift a coffee tumbler or a tea mug to your roomie. You can opt for a thermal mug that keeps the drink hot and is especially useful during winter months. Make sure to state your reason for choosing this gift when you give it to your roommate!

Indoor Plants:

Pandemic has surely made us appreciate nature a little more as compared to earlier and as a college student you and your roomie might not get to spend a lot of time outdoors. The solution to this is getting indoor plants that not only enhance the aesthetic quotient of your room but also help you relax and release stress. 

Selecting the perfect gift for your best roommate can be a daunting task but this list is sure to provide you with some inspiration while picking the things that your bestie will love. However, if you are one of those students who haven’t yet found the right accommodation let alone a roommate, then you should check our low-cost pg in vile parle, girls pg in Andheri Mumbai with food and affordable student housing in Powai Mumbai. As the cost of living in Mumbai is at an all-time high, our affordable PGs/hostels offer you the utmost convenience along with the best facilities at reasonable prices in not just the city of dreams, but across India. 

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