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6 Temples in Delhi You Must Visit on Your Delhi Darshan

March 1, 2022 | 9:04 AM By your-space


Delhi, the capital of India is known for its flamboyant vibes. The city’s culture exudes vibrancy and positivity and anyone who visits Delhi tends to get lost in its extravagance. A complete package, this city has everything to offer. From tourist spots and party places to heritage monuments and exquisite places of worship, Delhi is a complete package in itself. Let’s not forget the unmatched food that this city brings –Mughlai, street food, exotic global cuisine, you name it and you will find it here. Places like Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, and Old Delhi are some of the top tourist attractions. Not only does Delhi have a charm like no other city, but it also boasts of some of the most luxurious and architecturally appealing temples that should be visited on your Delhi Darshan.

Each of these temples gives out a spiritual aura, is magnificent, and has an intriguing story to tell. For those who are looking to experience these breath-taking structures and find some divinity and serenity in the otherwise busy city life, the following temples are a must-visit.

1)Akshardham Temple – Delhi’s Epitome of Indian Culture

This is not just any stunning temple; it is a full-fledged splendid spiritual-cultural complex. Akshardham Temple made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest comprehensive Hindu temple in the world. It is popular for its magnificent and grand structure. This temple is devoted to Lord Swaminarayan and has eight stunningly carved mandaps that have Hindu teaching scripts and devotional traditions engraved into the temple’s walls. Apart from Lord Swaminarayan’s idol, you will find idols of 20,000 other deities, which stand testament to India’s grand architecture and culture. They have an open garden and the most mesmerising water show, making a visit to the temple worth it. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but no videography or photography is allowed here, maybe being truly immersed in the entire experience is what this temple aims to ensure, making the visit even more worthwhile.

2)ISKCON Temple in Delhi

Image Credit:- Astroved

ISKCON temple is popularly known as the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. This is a Vaishnav temple dedicated to Radharani and Lord Krishna. Built-in 1998 by Achyut Kavinde, this temple is located at the Krishna Hills in East of Kailash in South Delhi. With its beautiful designs decorated with intricate carvings on stonework and a stunning fountain, this temple complex is a great place visually as well as mentally to calm down. Lord Krishna and Radharani’s idols adorn rich clothes and attractive jewellery that immediately catch the visitor’s sight. The ISKCON temple is also a centre of Vedic sciences and the devotional lectures organised by the temple committee help people relax and unwind from life’s daily chaos.

3)Lotus Temple

Image Credit:- Wikipedia

This white splendid structure shaped in the form of a lotus exudes peace and serenity from a mile. One of the most well-known temples in Delhi, the Lotus Temple is devoted to the Baha’i faith. This Temple was conceptualised by Fariborz Sahba, a Canadian architect, and by 1986 its construction was completed. The temple promotes equality in the true sense and everyone is welcome here regardless of creed or the caste they belong to. The enchanting entrance gate beautifully complements the mesmerizing floral gardens and incredible pools. The tranquillity exuded by the Lotus temple is what makes it one of the most divine and striking places to visit in the city.

4)Bangla Sahib – Gurudwara in Delhi

Image Credit:- Indiatoday

While this is not a temple, you cannot be in Delhi and not visit this marvel right in the centre of the city. Bangla Sahib is a prominent gurudwara located on Baba Kharak Singh Marg in Connaught Place. It is the house of the eighth Sikh Guru – Guru Har Krishan and has a holy river inside the complex known as the “Sarovar”. The Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is extremely respected and important to the Sikh community. Not to mention, it has the best Kada prasad in the city. You will see a lot of Sikhs doing ‘Sewa’ and their bit for the community. They are either cleaning the floors of the gurudwara or cooking for the langar. Once you enter the gates of this gurudwara, everyone is equal.

5)Birla Mandir in Delhi

Image Credit:- Wikipedia

Birla Mandir is dedicated to Laxminarayan and is located in Connaught Place. Since it was constructed by the Birla family, it is popularly referred to as the Birla Mandir, though the locals here address it as the Laxminarayan temple. Spread across 7.5 acres, this temple was constructed in the early 1900s and houses many gardens, shrines, fountains, and stunning carvings and sculptures. A gorgeous temple, this should also be added to your list of temples to visit when in Delhi.

6) Kalka Mandir, Delhi

Kalka mandir is one of the most well-known temples in the city dedicated to the mighty Goddess Kali. It is located in South Delhi at Kalkaji and symbolizes power and the destruction of evil which is what Maa Kali is known for. Rumour has it that Maa Kali was born where the temple has been constructed during Mahabharata. The Navratri nine-day celebration takes place at this temple with full grandeur and fervour making it the best time to visit it.

As you have seen, Delhi houses some of the most magnificent temples that are often visited by non-believers as well, for their architectural excellence and grandeur. Apart from temples, Delhi is also famous for some of the best educational institutes and MNCs. It is a place where many people flock to different cities to pursue their dream education or career, which takes us to our next point – accommodation. If you do plan to work or study in Delhi and while you are still in the process of getting acquainted with the city, your-space takes care of your PG accommodation in Delhi. We offer comfort, world-class amenities, premier rooms, and safety in the new city. 

Be it our girl’s PG in south Delhi or boys hostel in North Delhi, you are bound to find the same great experience across all our housing centres.

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