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5 Types of Roommates You’ll Come across When Staying in a PG in Bangalore

October 27, 2021 | 12:07 PM By Your Space


Most of us at some point in our lives live in a PG or co-living space. This could be during our student life or when we are just starting our careers; some of us happen to do it more than once and come across all sorts of specimens during our PG journey. Be it the best PG in Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay, or any part of the world – there are some roommates that become your best friends for life and some that make you wish, you never chose the PG life.

A few roommates that you may come across while staying in a PG in Bangalore are:

The Neat Freak

You may think you are an organized and tidy person who keeps your area clean, but this roommate is going to prove you wrong. Cleaning up after yourself is not enough for this person since he/she is obsessive about cleanliness. A pile of clothes kept for the weekend wash or an empty bottle of water that you finished at midnight but didn’t throw out before 7 a.m.; such situations are completely unacceptable by this roommate of yours. Being lazy or having a chill day is now a distant dream- you’re either being called unhygienic or constantly having your area compared to a pigsty. Good luck dealing with this one!

The Slob

The polar opposite to the previous type of roommate, this person has no sense of hygiene or cleanliness. A pile of dirty dishes that have started to become crusty, fungus growing on a half-eaten slice of pizza, smelly clothes strewn all over are now common sightings in the house. Not having bathed for 2-3 days at a stretch is another common trait of the slob. You may leave 100 to-do notes and split your chore list with this one, but all in vain.

The Night Owl 

If you are less unlucky, you will find this roommate only during your college days. (Because God forbid if you have them when you start working, you will never make it in time for those early morning meetings) These guys either stay up studying till late at night, finishing their projects or party the night away; but their day only starts when yours is about to end. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, is unheard of for these people. In fact, they become more active at night and if you are sleepy, it can be a nightmare for you. And the worst situation to be in would be if this night owl is a party animal in which case you can say goodbye to your peace and quiet. Loud music, strangers, and odd hours will be your new way of life; peace and sanity will be a distant relatives.

The Self-Proclaimed Boss 

For some reason, this roommate has escalated themselves to the post of the boss. Though you all pay the same rent and fairly split the household responsibilities, this roommate takes decisions and acts bossy. They feel and act as if they know the best and their word is the last.

The Perfect Match

If you get lucky, you may find your perfect roommate. They keep a safe distance, are respectful, maintain the perfect level of cleanliness and hygiene, are non-interfering and not nosy; overall they have a balanced personality and are well rounded. Though very elusive, if you find the perfect roommate on the first go, it may become very difficult to adjust to any other type of roommate in your PG or hostel journey.

While you may not have complete control over your roomie, you can at least ensure that your experience away from home is safe and hassle-free. Whether you are looking for a PG for girls in Koramangala or a boys’ hostel in Bannerghatta, Your-Space offers a home away from home and makes your transition to a new city seamless and less overwhelming.

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