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5 Off-Beat Careers To Consider After Class 12th

August 3, 2022 | 1:29 PM By your-space
Class 12th


We have come a long way from having medical, engineering, management and law as our only top options to create a successful career. The advancement of technology and social media has given rise to numerous off-beat Career Options After 12th classNot only are these fields interesting, but they are also lucrative and require some specific skill sets that can easily be acquired from diploma or graduate courses after 12th grade. 

If you have recently graduated from one of the Top CBSE Schools or are in the last year of school, here are the 5 off-beat careers you can opt for: 

     #    Product Design:

With the ever-growing portfolio of products that need good engineering as well as aesthetic sense, product design is a vastly growing and lucrative career option. Premier education centres such as the National Institute of Design offer degree courses that you can opt for kickstarting your product design career journey. A niche option within this field includes jewellery design that requires a keen eye for detail. 

     #    Photography:

While our phone cameras have allowed us to capture all moments aesthetically, professional photography requires a specific skill set and a deep understanding of cameras. Professional photography also includes some techniques and vast knowledge of photography equipment. The field is lucrative as there are several categories one can opt for and even foray into videography. Institutes such as Delhi School of Photography offer various courses that one can take up after leaving school or even after college. You can opt to stay in a PG in Delhi or check out our affordable and comfortable your-space living options while you pursue your photography course. 

     #    Game Designing:

With the growing popularity of gaming and streaming, game designing is an in-demand profession. As a game designer, you have to visualize, design and plan video, mobile and computer games. No specific degree is required however, your graphic design skills, experience and creativity will come in handy if you opt for this profession. It is especially a fun field who are passionate about video and computer games. 

     #    Graphics and Visual Animation:

Images, GIFs and videos are some of the most consumed content on the internet and therefore a career in graphic design and animation is extremely sought after. These skills are not only limited to the TV and film industry but are also used in advertising, engineering, business and education. Some famous institutes in Delhi for graphic design include the National Institute of Fashion Technology and the Indian Institute of Art and Design. You can opt for a Malviya Nagar PG or check out your-space accommodation options in the area if you are selected in these institutes to pursue your career in graphics and visual animation.

     #    Museologists:

As the name suggests, museologists work at museums and galleries and opt for a study of museums. This is a particularly interesting choice for students who have a deep interest in culture and history. National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi offers courses that can help you start your career as a museologist

In case you are stuck in your career research or just don’t want to opt for a mainstream career path, you can surely check out these unique options!


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