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Starting From 15000 (Monthly)

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Starting From 15000 (Monthly)

Less than 5 minutes from the leading Universities of Ahmedabad, this fully furnished Benefit House PG for girls comes with attached washrooms, top-notch security systems, and other such premium facilities - all under one roof.

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Less than 5 minutes from the leading Universities of Ahmedabad, this fully furnished Benefit House PG for girls comes with attached washrooms, top-notch security systems, and other such premium facilities - all under one roof.

Amidst several Hostel and PG options in Ahmedabad, Your-Space is a favourite amongst many! So, if you are looking for a PG in Ahmedabad, Navrangpura, then this is the place to be. Renting boys' Hostel rooms in Navrangpura or for girls can be a difficult task, but we make it easy for you through our tech-enabled renting amenities and services. About life in Navrangpura – The name itself means full of nine colours! A fast-paced yet colourful area within Ahmedabad, every year invites several students and individuals who want to make a decent living. It is well known for some educational and research institutions such as L.D. College of Engineering, Gujarat University and hey, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is very close too! There are several Hostels and PG in CG Road Ahmedabad that cater to aspiring students and working professionals from across the country. Your-Space is a definite go-to choice for all, as it makes you feel at home for several reasons. The 24×7 warden facilities make your stay a secure one while ensuring you know you have someone you can reach out to, just like at home! The life here is as vibrant and multicultural as the students coming here to study and the working professionals coming here to make a living. Property specific prices like onboarding charges, annual maintenance etc will be over and above the price quoted here.

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    Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Opposite Arvind Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Mithakhali, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, at Your-Space we provide accommodations for both male and female occupants. Our PG facility is designed to cater to the needs of students from all backgrounds, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Our aim is to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

    PG services often include all the facilities, such as air conditioning, food, 24-hour security, housekeeping, and so much more, all under one attractively decorated roof. In a flat, you are responsible for a variety of tasks that may interfere with your education or work. As a result, we recommend PG for a simple and comfortable living.

    You can look through our website and pick a property that appeals to you. To plan a property inspection or make a booking, you may request a callback, talk with us on WhatsApp, or call us at 8383027664.

    Some of the residents have their own arrangements to live with relatives, family friends, and guardians, while some go back to their own home towns for the holidays. And then there are some who choose to stay with their new families at the hostel itself!

    The Your-Space website is pretty user-friendly, and the relevant property relationship managers are all the friendlier! Just hit the number, and all your queries will be happily taken care of!

    There are students that are away from home, and then there are working professionals as well who come to Ahmedabad to earn a decent living. In times when things around you may not always be as rosy as expected, we do understand that falling sick is a part of life, and our 24×7 warden is right there to take care of you while a “Doctor on call” facility is one the perks that you enjoy nowhere else but here!

    Our PG in Navrangpura is well taken care of with regular sanitization, especially in areas withhigh touch zones. You rest assured of an extremely hygienic and sanitized stay at Your-Space.We strictly abide by the local government protocols to ensure you a safe and healthy stay.

    Most of the PGs or hostels do have brokers involved, and you land up paying a good amount as a brokerage fee. The only thing you pay for at Your-Space is the monthly rent and a security deposit which is refundable at the end of your contract term.

    There are several PG options you will come across in Navrangpura that are close to GNLU. You have to surely check the Your-Space Hostel near Geeta Bhawan because it’s not only closer to GNLU but, most importantly because you get to stay in a safe and secure environment that makes you feel at home! Besides that, you have access to top of the line facilities like housekeeping, laundry, chef-designed meals, Wi-Fi and lots more.

    Usually, PG near Ahmedabad University and Navrangpura offer rooms that are shared between 2 individuals to up to 6 people as well, depending on the size of the room. You may get a single room for yourself mostly if you are booking an independent flat which is certainly not a secure option for a student. Our usual setups are fully furnished options on a twin sharing basis. However, you can choose a room for yourself too.

    There are quite a few things you expect while looking for a PG. The only thing you need to get along with you at You-Space is your happy self because we have everything taken care of for you to make your stay comfortable! Right from beautifully furnished rooms that make you feel at home to the best security solutions to a warm and friendly warden, it’s all yours for you to call this place your own! We also offer PG near CG Road Ahmedabad.

    You will come across several hostels in Ahmedabad for male students/working professionals. Our hostel and PG for boys in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, has dedicated 24×7 wardens and property managers available who take care of your comfort and security and make you feel at home! We also offer PG near CG Road Ahmedabad for male.

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